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Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H IGBT Module

Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-08-02
Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H IGBT Module

Primarily based on the offered info, the Mitsubishi CM150E3U-12H is an insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module utilized in energy electronics purposes. Listed here are some key specs and options of the CM150E3U-12H module:

  • Producer Half Quantity: CM150E3U-12H
  • Producer: Mitsubishi ELECTRIC CORP
  • Bundle Description: FLANGE MOUNT, R-XUFM-X5
  • Extra Function: SUPER FAST RECOVERY
  • Case Connection: ISOLATED
  • Collector Present-Max (IC): 150 A
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage-Max: 600 V
  • Gate-Emitter Voltage-Max: 20 V
  • JESD-30 Code: R-XUFM-X5
  • Variety of Components: 1
  • Variety of Terminals: 5
  • Working Temperature-Max: 150 °C
  • Bundle Physique Materials: UNSPECIFIED
  • Bundle Form: RECTANGULAR
  • Bundle Model: FLANGE MOUNT
  • Polarity/Channel Sort: N-CHANNEL
  • Energy Dissipation-Max (Abs): 600 W
  • Subcategory: Insulated Gate BIP Transistors
  • Floor Mount: NO
  • Terminal Kind: UNSPECIFIED
  • Terminal Place: UPPER

This IGBT module is designed to be used in switching purposes and consists of 1 IGBT with a reverse-connected super-fast restoration free-wheel diode and an anode-collector linked super-fast restoration free-wheel diode. All elements and interconnects are remoted from the warmth sinking baseplate, which simplifies system meeting and thermal administration.

The CM150E3U-12H module affords options reminiscent of low drive energy, low VCE(sat), discrete super-fast restoration free-wheel diode, high-frequency operation, and remoted baseplate for simple warmth sinking. It's generally utilized in motor drives, welding gear, energy converters, and different high-power purposes.