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Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module

Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-06-10
Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module
Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module

Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT Module – Excessive-Energy Half Bridge Configuration

The Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H is a high-power IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module designed for numerous energy digital purposes. Listed below are the important thing specs of the module:

Datasheets: CM300DY-12H Normal Bundle: CM300DY-12H Class: Discrete Semiconductor Merchandise Household: IGBTs – Modules Collection: IGBTMOD™ IGBT Kind: Not specified

Configuration: The CM300DY-12H module is configured as a half bridge, making it appropriate for purposes that require bidirectional energy stream.

voltage – Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): The utmost collector-emitter breakdown voltage for this module is 600V. This ranking determines the utmost voltage that may be utilized throughout the collector and emitter terminals.

Present – Collector (IC) (Max): The utmost collector present is specified as 300A, indicating the utmost present that may stream by means of the collector terminal.

Energy – Max: The module can deal with a most energy dissipation of 1100W, which signifies the utmost energy it could possibly deal with with out exceeding the desired temperature limits.

Vce(on) (Max) @ Vge, IC: The utmost collector-emitter voltage drop is specified as 2.8V when a gate-emitter voltage of 15V and a collector present of 300A are utilized. This parameter offers details about the voltage drop throughout the IGBT when it's conducting present.

Present – Collector Cutoff (Max): The utmost collector cutoff present is specified as 1mA, indicating the leakage present when the IGBT is turned off.

Enter Capacitance (Cies) @ Vce: The enter capacitance is specified as 30nF when a collector-emitter voltage of 10V is utilized. This parameter represents the capacitance between the gate and emitter terminals and offers perception into the enter traits of the IGBT.

Enter: The enter specs are specified as “Normal,” which signifies compatibility with customary gate drive circuits.

NTC Thermistor: There isn't a point out of an NTC thermistor, which suggests the module doesn't incorporate a built-in detrimental temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor for temperature sensing.

Mounting Kind: The module is designed for chassis mounting, permitting for safe and handy set up onto a chassis or warmth sink.

Bundle / Case: The CM300DY-12H module is offered in a module bundle, which provides mechanical and electrical integration of a number of elements in a single unit.

The Mitsubishi CM300DY-12H IGBT module is a high-power half bridge configuration designed for purposes that require excessive voltage and present dealing with capabilities. It provides dependable efficiency and is appropriate for numerous energy digital methods corresponding to motor drives, energy provides, and inverters.