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Mitsubishi PSS20S51F6 IGBT Module

Mitsubishi PSS20S51F6 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-06-09
Mitsubishi PSS20S51F6 IGBT Module
Mitsubishi PSS20S51F6 IGBT Module
Mitsubishi PSS20S51F6 IGBT Module
Mitsubishi PSS20S51F6 IGBT Module

PSS20S51F6: 600V / 20A 3-Part DC/AC Inverter Module

Essential Operate and Scores: The PSS20S51F6 is a 3-phase DC/AC inverter module designed for varied energy purposes. It options the next major capabilities and rankings:

  • 600V / 20A (CSTBT): The module is able to dealing with a most collector-emitter voltage of 600V and a collector present of 20A. It makes use of CSTBT (Provider Saved Trench-Gate Bipolar Transistor) expertise for environment friendly energy conversion.
  • N-side IGBT Open Emitter: The module consists of an N-side IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) with an open emitter configuration.
  • Constructed-in Bootstrap Diodes: The module is supplied with built-in bootstrap diodes that present present limiting resistance for environment friendly operation.

Built-in Drive, Safety, and System Management Capabilities: The PSS20S51F6 module incorporates built-in drive, safety, and system management capabilities, together with:

  • Drive circuit and Stage Shifting (P-side and N-side): The module options drive circuits and high-voltage, high-speed stage shifting for exact management of the inverter.
  • Management Provide Below-Voltage (UV) Safety: The module consists of safety mechanisms to forestall injury as a result of under-voltage circumstances within the management provide.
  • Quick circuit Safety (SC): The N-side of the module is supplied with quick circuit safety to make sure secure and dependable operation.
  • Fault Signaling: The module can present fault signaling for N-side IGBT quick circuit faults and N-side provide under-voltage faults.
  • Temperature Output: The module affords an analog temperature output that gives LVIC (Low-Voltage Built-in Circuit) temperature data.

Enter Interface: The PSS20S51F6 module helps a 3.5V enter interface with a Schmitt set off receiver circuit. The enter interface operates on a high-active sign.

Most Scores and Traits: Absolutely the most rankings for the PSS20S51F6 module (Tc=25°C until in any other case specified) are as follows:

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage Vces: 600V
  • Gate-Emitter Voltage VGES: ±20V
  • Collector Present IC: 20A
  • Collector Present Icp: 40A
  • Collector Energy Dissipation Computer: 25.0W
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage VCES: 400V
  • Working Junction Temperature Tj: +150°C
  • Storage Temperature Tstg: -40 to +125°C

The PSS20S51F6 module is designed to supply environment friendly and dependable efficiency in 3-phase DC/AC inverter purposes. It affords built-in drive, safety, and system management capabilities, making certain secure operation and exact management. With its strong design and most rankings, the module can stand up to various working circumstances and ship constant efficiency.