Morse Microelectronics launches Wi-Fi HaLow customer innovation products at CES 2024

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Morse Microelectronics launches Wi-Fi HaLow customer innovation products at CES 2024

Posted Date: 2024-01-18

Wi-Fi HaLow market leader will demonstrate extensive customer use cases from growing global partners

2024January 17Las Vegas, USA——2024 Consumer Electronics Show——Morse Microelectronics, a leading Wi-Fi HaLow chip supplier, today announced the launch of a series of innovative customer ecosystem products at CES 2024 (2024 Consumer Electronics Show), which will be held from January 9 to 12. These product demonstrations showcase the groundbreaking capabilities of Wi-Fi HaLow technology, the first Wi-Fi standard designed to support the unique needs of the growing IoT market.

Michael De Nil, co-founder and CEO of Morse Microelectronics, said: “Wi-Fi HaLow technology breaks through the limited coverage of traditional Wi-Fi while providing long-distance wireless technologies that are unmatched by other technologies. Throughput. Wi-Fi HaLow is evolving as the Wi-Fi Alliance takes major steps to promote the protocol’s benefits in the IoT space. Various partners have already adopted our complete Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity solutions to serve a large number of consumers and enterprise applications to develop IoT products that are driving the large-scale application of Wi-Fi HaLow technology in the market."

At the CES 2024 exhibition, Morse Microelectronics will cooperate with partners Abode, Accton, AsiaRF, Chicony, Malmoset, Primax, Swann, Tonly Electronics, U-MEDIA, WNC, Xailient, Zetify, etc. to demonstrate Wi-Fi HaLow technology leapfrog Breakthroughs in multiple IoT application fields are helping the future of automation in smart homes, industries and buildings. Demonstration highlights include the following customer products and technologies:

  • Dual-mode Wi-Fi 6 + Wi-Fi HaLow Access Point (AP)
  • IoT gateway supporting Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Edge AI-powered security cameras connected to Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Indoor and outdoor IP cameras with long-range Wi-Fi HaLow connectivity
  • Smart doorbell camera with Wi-Fi HaLow
  • Highly portable mobile devices equipped with Wi-Fi HaLow cameras or sensors
  • Matter protocol running over Wi-Fi HaLow for smart home networks
  • Wi-Fi HaLow with multi-site (STA) support
  • Ultra-small W-Fi HaLow module integrated with Morse Microelectronics wireless SoC

Although traditional Wi-Fi is currently the most common wireless communication protocol, the rapid development of the Internet of Things has forced people to rethink Wi-Fi, which has revealed technology gaps in range and energy efficiency, and the role of Wi-Fi in an omnidirectionally connected world. The role that should be played. Morse Microelectronics' industry-leading Wi-Fi HaLow product portfolio solves these challenges faced by Wi-Fi connections in IoT applications. The company's comprehensive Wi-Fi HaLow product portfolio includes the industry's smallest, fastest, lowest power IEEE 802.11ah compliant SoCs and modules. These Wi-Fi HaLow devices provide 10 times the connectivity range, 100 times the coverage area, and 1,000 times the capacity of traditional Wi-Fi solutions.
Partner Exhibition Announcement

  • Explore AsiaRF’s wireless innovations at CES 2024
  • ViewSEC and Morse Microelectronics launch advanced edge AI security camera with superior streaming capabilities at CES 2024
  • The world's first W-Fi HaLow, ultra-long-range, battery-powered AI smart home security camera was unveiled at CES 202
  • Morse Microelectronics and Quectel demonstrate the first Wi-Fi HaLow module to obtain European CE and FCC certification at CES 2024
  • Edgecore Networks Wi-Fi launches EAP112 at CES 2024: Wi-Fi HaLow router and transaction gateway dual-function product
  • Moores Microelectronics and Edgecore Networks launch new Wi-Fi HaLow platform to redefine IoT connectivity
  • Morse Microelectronics and Zetifi announce next-generation remote area connectivity solution for smart IoT agriculture at CES 2024
  • Mouser Electronics signs global distribution agreement with Morse Microelectronics to provide Wi-Fi HaLow products
  • LitePoint, Morse Microelectronics, and AzureWave join hands to promote the popularization of Wi-Fi HaLow in industrial IoT applications

The extended range, efficacy, scalability and versatility of Wi-Fi HaLow technology enables Moores Microelectronics' technology to meet the needs of a wide range of markets and applications:

  • Smart home: security cameras, home automation, garage doors, smart locks, etc.
  • Infrastructure: Network extensions (aka virtual wires), mesh access points, backhaul, rural networks, etc.
  • Industry: industrial automation, warehouse, transportation, logistics, etc.
  • Enterprise: building access, building management system, enterprise security cameras, sensors, etc.
  • Smart cities: smart meters, public access, information kiosks, etc.

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