Mouser Electronics Tian Jiping: The rising penetration rate of new energy vehicles is good for component demand, and the one-stop supply chain accelerates new

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Mouser Electronics Tian Jiping: The rising penetration rate of new energy vehicles is good for component demand, and the one-stop supply chain accelerates new

Posted Date: 2024-01-24

At the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, the "2024 Semiconductor Industry Outlook" special topic planned by Electronic Enthusiast Network received forward-looking views from executives of many domestic semiconductor innovation leaders. This time, Electronics Enthusiasts specially interviewed Tian Jiping, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of the Asia-Pacific Region of Trader Electronics. The following is her analysis and outlook on the semiconductor market in 2024.

Picture: Tian Jiping, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Tradeze Electronics Asia Pacific

In 2023, under the influence of global political, economic and other factors, the global semiconductor supply chain will still be in a state of uncertainty. Affected by sluggish downstream demand and the global economic downturn, the global semiconductor market has shown a downward trend and is currently in a depression period in the cycle.

Tian Jiping said: "Due to tight production capacity in the past few years, many manufacturers have seized a lot of inventory, resulting in a very serious inventory backlog. However, since last year, signs of destocking have been present. Until now, there are still many chip manufacturers Inventory is at a high level, causing certain losses to the company. However, it is worth mentioning that the development of applications and technologies represented by AI, autonomous driving, industrial Internet of Things, etc. has brought obvious driving force to the semiconductor industry. While promoting the development of the semiconductor market, it has also brought benefits to the industry. Outlook. "

Consolidating component supply chain advantages, Mouser Electronics shortens the time for new products to be put on shelves

In 2023, Mouser Electronics will still follow market changes and take flexible measures to provide customers with product and technical support. As a global NPI electronic component agent, Mouser continues to expand cooperation with international original manufacturers. In 2023, we signed up a total of 64 original authorized agents. We continue to enrich Mouser’s product and technology inventory, allowing customers to enjoy one-stop shopping at any time. Convenient purchasing service. At the same time, we have also greatly shortened the time for new products to be put on the shelves, from the original 28 days to an average of 7 days, allowing enthusiasts to buy the latest components more quickly and bring innovation to your creativity!

Outlook 2024

Tian Jiping is optimistic about the growth opportunities for upstream semiconductor components brought by new energy vehicles. Specifically, as the trend of automobile intelligence and electrification accelerates, the demand for semiconductors will also continue to increase. Currently, ADAS occupies the largest share of the automotive semiconductor market. The compound annual growth rate in 2024 will show double-digit growth, accounting for 30% of the automotive semiconductor market that year. Driven by automotive intelligence and interconnection, infotainment occupies the second largest share of the automotive semiconductor market. In addition, the development of UWB, BMS, human-computer interaction and other technologies will also become an important driving force for the future automotive semiconductor market, with contactless Intelligence improves the overall experience of new energy vehicles.

Independent analysis agency Canalys recently released its 2024 global new energy vehicle market forecast, believing that the global new energy vehicle market will grow by 27% in 2024, reaching 17.5 million vehicles. Chinese brands will occupy 78% of the market share. Tian Jiping pointed out that more and more automotive electronic products will rely on chips, so the demand for semiconductors will be stable in the long term. At present, China has become the world's largest automobile market. The acceleration of electrification and intelligence has brought about changes in supply and demand. The superposition of multiple factors has formed a changing and unchanged competitive trend, pushing China's automobile industry forward and moving towards an automobile power. .

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization (WSTS) predicts that the global semiconductor market is expected to grow by 13.1% in 2024, reaching a market size of US$588 billion. As China is the world's largest market for semiconductor sales, domestic substitution is also accelerating. Tian Jiping said that China’s semiconductor market will usher in three major breakthroughs in 2024:

1. Development of packaging technology: 2024 is expected to be a critical year for advanced packaging technology, which plays an important role in improving chip performance and reducing power consumption. For example, 2.5D and 3D packaging technologies enable chips to achieve higher integration and lower power consumption, which is very important for high-performance computing and big data applications.

2. Independent innovation: China has made significant progress in key areas such as EDA software, core IP, and specific chip designs such as RISC-V architecture. Large domestic manufacturers have begun to develop and produce chips based on the RISC-V architecture, and have made some significant progress. Their participation creates more possibilities for the promotion and application of RISC-V technology. This active investment not only improves It has improved the competitiveness of Chinese manufacturers and accelerated the formation and improvement of the RISC-V ecosystem. EDA is at the upstream of the entire IC industry chain and determines the competitiveness of the integrated circuit industry. At present, domestic enterprises are also actively participating in EDA software self-research plans, covering various fields from digital, analog, radio frequency to optoelectronics, achieving full process coverage from design to verification, and enhancing independent innovation capabilities and competitiveness.

3. Accelerate the development of third-generation semiconductor devices: China will use SiC and GaN, which have relatively mature technology and product development, as an entry point to rapidly develop the third-generation semiconductor industry. Focus on the key links of the third-generation semiconductor industry chain such as materials, chips, devices, packaging and applications, and promote the application of third-generation semiconductors in fields such as power electronics, microwave electronics and semiconductor lighting. Now it cannot be widely used. One of the reasons is that the cost is too high. How to make the price more affordable while maintaining quality control is also one of the important issues.

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