NetDragon launches EDA platform to focus on Metaverse education

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NetDragon launches EDA platform to focus on Metaverse education

Posted Date: 2024-02-12

The world's leading Internet community creator – NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited ("NetDragon" or the "Company", Hong Kong Stock Exchange stock code: 777) has released the strategic vision and core functions of the Yuanverse education ecological platform EDA. The company is currently Focus on in-depth research and development of this platform.

For young users in the K12 stage, EDA will build a new inquiry-based and experiential learning model. Through concrete forms and fascinating stories, it can stimulate learners' imagination, improve learners' participation and concentration, and help them Master relevant knowledge and skills more efficiently and in depth. EDA will achieve the goal of centering on each learner, provide learners with personalized learning paths and recommended content, and recommend suitable learning resources based on learners’ interests and goals, allowing learners to achieve learning effects and improve learning efficiency. The first phase of EDA's products will focus on "science" subjects, covering K12 physics, chemistry, biology and other related courses. In the future, EDA will expand this inquiry-based and experiential learning model to more disciplines.

The content provided by EDA will be presented in the form of educational games. EDA enhances learners' interest through a highly operable immersive educational experience, highlighting the characteristics of inquiry-based and experiential learning in the new era of metaverse education. Through personalized push and customized teaching plans, teaching efficiency is improved, enabling learners to actively complete the entire process of learning, practicing, testing, and evaluation in a state of self-driving and self-exploration. In addition, teacher groups can also join the EDA platform and use innovative tools and content to seamlessly transform traditional teaching resources into interesting and interactive content in the EDA ecosystem.

EDA will provide a content development and interactive community platform empowered by AI technology, support and encourage high-quality user-generated content (UGC), and support interaction, sharing, and learning discussions among users. The joint participation of teachers and students will further integrate the EDA ecosystem with real teaching activities, achieve mutual promotion between online and offline, and further drive user growth.

Dr. Liu Dejian, founder and chairman of NetDragon, said: "Achieving educational equity and allowing every learner to enjoy high-quality digital learning resources is EDA's long-term goal. Entering 2024, NetDragon has entered a new strategic development stage. , EDA is our important innovation and growth engine. EDA will become a collaboration platform that redefines education methods, making teaching activities more effective, efficient, and experiential."

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