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NIEC PD10016 IGBT Module

NIEC PD10016 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-07-29
NIEC PD10016 IGBT Module
NIEC PD10016 IGBT Module
NIEC PD10016 IGBT Module
NIEC PD10016 IGBT Module

The NIEC PD10016 is a rectifier diode module designed for high-power and high-voltage purposes. Under are the important thing specs and traits of the PD10016 module:

Producer Half Quantity: PD10016


  • This module comprises rectifier diodes, that are semiconductor units used to transform alternating present (AC) to direct present (DC). They're generally utilized in energy provide and rectification circuits.

Non-rep Pk Ahead Present-Max: 2000 A

  • This means the utmost non-repetitive peak ahead present that the diode can deal with. It specifies the utmost present that may circulate by the diode for a brief length with out inflicting harm.

Working Temperature-Max: 125 °C

  • That is the utmost really useful working temperature for the diode module. It's important to make sure that the module’s working temperature stays inside this restrict to make sure dependable efficiency and longevity.

Output Present-Max: 100 A

  • The utmost steady output present that the diode can deal with with out exceeding its specified rankings.

Rep Pk Reverse Voltage-Max: 1600 V

  • That is the utmost repetitive peak reverse voltage that the diode can face up to with out breakdown. It signifies the utmost voltage that may be utilized within the reverse-biased course.

Subcategory: Rectifier Diodes

  • Signifies that the module belongs to the class of rectifier diodes.

Floor Mount: NO

  • The module just isn't designed for surface-mount purposes, which implies it's possible a through-hole or press-fit kind module.

Rectifier Diode, 100A, 1600V V(RRM)

  • A quick description indicating that the module comprises a rectifier diode with a most present ranking of 100A and a most reverse voltage ranking of 1600V.