OmniVision Group releases the most advanced automotive image sensor OX01J for SVS and RVC

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OmniVision Group releases the most advanced automotive image sensor OX01J for SVS and RVC

Posted Date: 2024-01-13

OX01J is OmniVision's most advanced automotive image sensor for SVS and RVC, and is pin-compatible with the mainstream OX01E20SoC

Recently, OmniVision Group, the world's leading developer of advanced digital imaging, analog, touch screen and display technology semiconductor solutions, released a new 1.3 million camera for automotive 360-degree surround view systems (SVS) and rear view cameras (RVC). Pixel OX01J image sensor. The OX01J is a RAW image sensor with best-in-class LED Flicker Mitigation (LFM) functionality and 140db High Dynamic Range (HDR). If the car manufacturer already has its own back-end image signal processor (ISP) architecture, it can only purchase the OX01J image sensor.

Paul Wu, head of automotive product marketing at OmniVision Group, said:

"We originally designed the OX01E20SoC to provide customers with superior LFM, HDR and low-light performance for their next-generation vehicles. Since its launch a year ago, the product has gained strong market traction. To provide customers with more design flexibility, We have now launched the OX01J. This new product offers the same performance as the OX01E20SoC, but a RAW sensor alternative that customers can choose based on their system architecture."

Among similar products, OX01J provides industry-leading imaging performance for SVS and RVC, which can cope with various harsh lighting conditions, while featuring a compact form factor and low power consumption. In a 1/4-inch optical format package, OX01J is equipped with a 3-micron image sensor, which has leading low-light performance and ultra-low power consumption compared to similar products. OX01J is packaged in a-CSP and is a small form factor solution. The sensor is based on OmniVision's PureCelPlus architecture, which is known for its low-light sensitivity and industry-leading low signal-to-noise ratio.

OX01J complies with ASIL-B safety standards. Samples are now available and will be put into mass production in October 2024.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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