P-channel mosfet handles 60V and 90A for Automotive

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P-channel mosfet handles 60V and 90A for Automotive

Posted Date: 2024-02-07

Called XPH8R316MC (90A), the company sees it being used in vehicles, in load switches, electronic relays and motor drives.

A similar part, XPH13016MC, is the same except rated at 60A.

In both cases, pulse rating is double the continuous current rating and the devices work with their channels up to 175°C.

The maximum on-resistance of the 90A XPH8R316MC is 8.3mΩ “which is approximately 25% lower than Toshiba’s existing TPCA8123”, said the company. “For the [60A] XPH13016MC, the value is 12.9mΩ, approximately 49% lower than the TPCA8125.”

Total gate charge for the 90A part is typically 222nC (-48V -90A,-10Vgate) – the gate is rated for operation 10V above the drain and -20V below.

Reverse recovery time and charge are typically 113ns and 90nC (-90A, 0Vg, -50A/µs).

The 6 x 5mm surface-mount package is 1mm tall and has wettable flanks for automated optical inspection. Toshiba calls it its ‘SOP Advance(WF)’.

Copper is used within to decrease electrical and thermal resistance – channel-to-case thermal impedance is 0.88°C/W (25°C) – dropping to 1.13°C/W with the 60A mosfet – Max power dissipation is 170W or 132W respectively (25°C).

Find the product pages here:

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Source :https://www.shunlongwei.com/p-channel-mosfet-handles-60v-and-90a-for-automotive/