Pioneers, dreamers and those who challenge the status quo

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Pioneers, dreamers and those who challenge the status quo

Posted Date: 2024-02-07

Anyone who invested $10.000 in the company’s crowdfunding campaign  secured one of Aptera’s first 2,000 vehicle reservation slots.

The programme, which was launched in January 2023, raised funds continued to raise significant funds throughout the year and gained momentum since the new year, raising over $2 million in the last few days.

Each Accelerator slot was ranked by investment amount, with the first spot garnering close to $4 million in total.

“The Aptera community is full of pioneers, dreamers, and those who challenge the status quo,” says Chris McCammon, Aptera’s Community & Content Manager.

The company has a patented design for two-axis automotive-grade solar panels, an efficient powertrain, and one of the most energy-dense battery packs, setting new standards for eco-friendly mobility.

Aptera’s debut product, the Launch Edition vehicle, has an industry-leading 400-mile range on a single charge. It is equipped with approximately 700 watts of solar cells, enabling drivers to cover an additional 40 miles per day purely from solar energy.

Utilising equity crowdfunding over traditional methods, Aptera has successfully secured over $100 million during the past two years,

With the $33 million, Aptera has secured the capital to fund its initial phases of production, marking a pivotal moment for the company.

Funds raised through this programme have and will continue to contribute to the procurement of low-volume tooling and the buildout of the company’s first production-intent vehicles which will be used for testing and validation.

After Aptera’s production-intent vehicles have been validated, the last step is to raise capital for the sourcing of tooling and equipment for high-volume production, which is expected to require 10 times less capital than traditional automakers.

Aptera is still offering anyone the opportunity to become a shareholder and join its solar mobility movement at

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