Profile length measurement | Zhongtu Instruments SJ57 series profiler measures roughness with high precision

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Profile length measurement | Zhongtu Instruments SJ57 series profiler measures roughness with high precision

Posted Date: 2024-01-29

Why is measuring roughness so important in modern industrial manufacturing? In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, measuring roughness is a very important task. Because roughness can affect the functional performance and appearance quality of the workpiece. When we manufacture machine parts or tools, we need to ensure that the surface finish meets the design requirements. Too high or too low roughness will have a negative impact on the performance of the product.

In modern manufacturing, many products require fitting and assembly. If the roughness of the product surface is uneven or exceeds the allowable range, it will lead to poor fit or incompatibility between parts. By accurately measuring roughness, we can ensure products can be used interchangeably, improving production efficiency and product performance.

In response to the demand for high-precision measurement of roughness in precision industrial processing fields such as automobiles and aircraft, Zhongtu Instruments SJ57 series profilers innovate the key technologies of precision mechanism and grating subdivision scanning control.Various models of products are suitable for various production environments and work needs.

1. SJ5720-OPT series - high-precision optical surface measurement

SJ5720-OPT series high-precision optical surface measuring instrument canAchieve high-precision measurement and analysis of surface roughness and profile of spherical and aspheric optical components. is a large surface measurement (Optical lenses, optical precision molds, bearings, artificial joints, gears, blades), a powerful tool for fine roughness measurement in the field.

Super-intelligent aspheric optical software analysis system and professionally customized aspheric measurement software system can measure all aspheric parameters.

Professional aspheric surface analysis software

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2. SJ5780 series - bidirectional measurement, high-precision intelligent thread contour scanning

SJ5780 series high-precision intelligent thread profile scanner isLarge-range, high-precision active scanning comprehensive profile measuring instrument.It can continuously scan a wide range of full-scale, and has a continuous climbing capability of hundreds of millimeters, which is verySuitable for large-scale steep slope surface measurementlarge workpieces can be easily measured without turning or tilting adjustment.

Integrated measurement of threads and profiles, which can be used to measure the inner and outer diameters and inner and outer contours of long shafts, cylinders, curved parts, screws, threads and other high-precision components..

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3. SJ5730 series - high-precision roughness and contour integrated measurement

SJ5730 series of high-precision roughness and profile integrated measuring instrument nanoscale optical sensors canDetect the surface of parts, especially large-scale curved surfaces, such as arc surfaces, spherical surfaces, special-shaped surfaces, a large surface measurement (Bearings, artificial joints, precision molds, gears, blades, bearing rollers), a powerful tool for fine roughness measurement in the field.

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4. SJ5760 series - high-precision contour size measurement

SJ5760 series large-range roughness/contour measuring instrument hasLarge range, high stability, high precisionspecialty.Contour moduleLarge profile measurement range with 200mm X-axiscan measure the contour/roughness shape parameters of various precision mechanical parts.

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5. SJ5718 series - small roughness profile measuring instrument

SJ5718 series small roughness/contour measuring instrument measures 600×350×890 (mm). The roughness module is more suitable for deep holes and high-precision occasions. It can measure the contour/roughness shape parameters of various precision mechanical parts.productEasy to operatefully functional and equipped with an intuitive interface, easy to use.

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In many industries, such as automotive manufacturing and aerospace, it is common practice to treat metal surfaces to improve surface quality and functional performance. By measuring roughness, we can evaluate the effectiveness of different surface treatments and choose the best one. This helps improve product quality and competitiveness.

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