Quantum computers are open for use, when can we talk about replacement?

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Quantum computers are open for use, when can we talk about replacement?

Posted Date: 2024-01-29
Electronic Enthusiast Network reports (Text/Zhou Kaiyang) On January 6, China’s third-generation independent superconducting quantum computer “Origin Wukong” was officially launched online and began to be open to global users for free for a limited time, accepting quantum computing tasks from all over the world, and online After a short period of time, it was subjected to a large number of computing tasks. Since the demand for quantum computing is so hot, has the opportunity to replace traditional computers arrived? The birth and popularity of Origin Goku In fact, the birth of Origin Wukong also went through some technical research. It is equipped with a self-developed 72-bit superconducting quantum chip "Wukong Core", which contains 72 working qubits and 126 coupler qubits, which is also its name. The origin means the seventy-two transformations of Sun Wukong. In November 2022, the quantum chip "Wukong Core" supporting "Wukong" was put into production on the country's first quantum chip production line, and the Chinese quantum computer "Wukong" is about to be launched. In June 2023, the relevant debugging work began. The Origin Quantum Computing Technology Company, which built this quantum computer, matched it with the Origin third-generation quantum computing measurement and control system "Origin Tianji", realizing the domestic batch automation of quantum computing chips. The test was implemented and the operating efficiency of the whole machine was improved. In less than two weeks since its launch, the number of people remotely accessing "Original Wukong" worldwide has exceeded 350,000 times, including users from 61 countries including the United States, Japan, and Singapore, and even remote users from the United States. Ranked first in terms of number of visiting users. According to the latest statistics, the number of visitors has exceeded 725,100, 103,672 computing tasks have been completed for users in 92 countries and regions, and even paid computing task requests have been received. Quantum computing is still in its early stages of development Even though many major companies have been studying quantum computing since the 20th century, quantum computing is still in its early stages of development, let alone replacing traditional computers. Even thanks to the rise of AI computing, traditional computers are in the spotlight, and some quantum computing research has inevitably been robbed of the limelight. However, quantum computing is still the first choice for many scientific applications, such as quantum chemical simulations, drug design, etc. And although current quantum computing is not suitable for large-scale AI calculations, with the increase in quantum computing power and enhanced scalability, it can also be applied to complex machine learning on a large scale in the future. At the same time, algorithm optimization of quantum computing can also be completed by AI. Although the birth of Origin Wukong and Wukong Core is a major technological breakthrough for domestic quantum computing, there is still a gap compared to some international quantum computing pioneers. For example, IBM has extended its quantum computing development roadmap to 2033, launched its first 1,000-qubit chip at the end of last year, and plans to launch a 5,000-qubit chip in 2025. And compared to most people who pursue the speed increase brought by high qubits, IBM has also begun to improve the error rate, launching quantum chips with low qubit count and low error rate to further enhance the use of quantum computers in key applications. practicality in. write at the end From the current point of view, quantum computing is far from replacing traditional computing, because its low-cost popularization solution has not yet been implemented, and the application expansion of high-cost quantum computers has always been slow. But this does not mean that quantum computing is out of reach. Just like generative AI in artificial intelligence, any popular application is likely to promote the rapid development of quantum computing.
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