Radiall test and measurement connector products at a glance

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Radiall test and measurement connector products at a glance

Posted Date: 2024-01-23

In the field of test and measurement, accurate and accurate data transmission is inseparable from efficient and reliable interconnection solutions, such as equipment testing, laboratory testing, production line testing, environmental and indoor testing, as well as preliminary testing in the fields of communications, national defense, aerospace, etc. Application scenarios.

Currently, new radio frequency applications are being developed in the millimeter wave band, mainly in the Q-band (33 to 50 GHz) and V-band (40 to 75 GHz). Radiall also continues to follow industry trends and develop and launch products suitable for the new test and measurement market.

Radiall's main test and measurement RF product series can be divided into microwave switches, cable assemblies, connectors and adapters, microwave components, etc. Currently, these products can cover the DC-67GHz frequency band, and some products can reach up to 110GHz, including the PLATINUM series for precision measurement, the low intermodulation series, and the high-reliability series for defense and aerospace laboratories.

one,RF microwave switchRadiall USB switch

Radiall provides diverse switch options and full-scenario solutions, supporting up to 67 GHz. These switches offer excellent RF performance, compactness, high reliability, and high repeatability over their lifetime.

  • RAMSES series:Basic switch, modular design, economical and durable, with a lifespan of up to 10 million times.
  • USB series:The control interface is convenient using USB, and the cascade matrix positioning coordinates are used.
  • Subminiature Series:Miniature switch, ultra-long life (customer measured life span is more than 23 million times).
  • Quart-Z series:Ultra-small SPDT, PCB surface mount switch.
  • PLATINUM series:High isolation design, high repeatability of more than 10 million times.
  • TITANIUM series:The economical version of the PLATINUM series, with high repeatability of more than 2.5 million times.
  • Low PIM series:Third-order intermodulation can be better than -160dBc @1.77GHz.
  • TVAC series:For use in thermal vacuum tanks.
  • Ultra-low temperature switch series:A switch that operates at absolute zero (-273°C).
two,RF test cableRadiall test cable

Test and measurement applications require products with high levels of electrical performance, mechanical durability and stability. Radiall RF test lines have excellent phase amplitude stability, high cable flexibility, and resistance to high-intensity external forces and torsions. They can ensure test accuracy and reliability in different test environments and can be used in different applications. operating frequency band. At the same time, Radiall test lines also support any combination and customization requirements such as delay matching and phase matching. They can be used in different fields to meet the multi-faceted needs of different customers.

In response to the growing demand for high-frequency mass production testing, Radiall has developed a new high-frequency test cable assembly up to 110GHz.

three,RF connectors and adaptersRadiall Connector

Radiall RF cables can be used with different types of connectors to achieve diverse configurations and meet diverse application scenarios. Radiall cable assemblies exhibit outstanding electrical stability and high performance durability to meet the demands of the most demanding applications.Radiall RF test adapterSupports up to 110GHz,The maximum plugging and unplugging life can reach 5000 timesand there are many types, covering many connector interfaces on the market.

*Please use corresponding adapters to protect the connector ports of precision test equipment to extend service life.

Four,RF microwave componentsRadiall Microwave Components

Radiall RF microwave components comply with MIL-C-39012, IEC and other relevant standards.

loadThe interface covers a wide range, mainly including 1.85mm, 2.4mm; SMP, SMA2.9, SSMA, SMB, SMC, SMPM, BMA, BNC, QMA, QN; 1.0/2.3, 4.3-10, NEX10, 1.6-5.6; TNC ,N,7/16. Power range is 0.5-1000W.

AttenuatorThe interface covers a wide range, mainly including 1.85mm, 2.4mm; QMA, QN, SMA, SMA2.9, SMB, SMC; 4.3-10, NEX10, BNC, TNC, N, 7/16. Power range is 1-150W.

The frequency bands of the above two types of products can cover DC-67GHz, and there are a variety of dedicated series.

SplittersThe frequency range is 220MHz-26.5 GHz, it can be used in instrument equipment (RF test bench), it can be allocated to 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 channels, and can be used as a power synthesizer.

In addition, there are other coaxial microwave components to choose from, including couplers, detectors, phase shifters, rotating joints, DC modules, monitoring tees, signal samplers, filters, waveguide coaxial conversion, etc.

Radiall will continue to launch new products with higher frequencies, so stay tuned!

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