Read and write performance improved by 40%!Longsys FORESEE XP2200 series SSD launches M.2 2280 specifications

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Read and write performance improved by 40%!Longsys FORESEE XP2200 series SSD launches M.2 2280 specifications

Posted Date: 2024-01-21

Since NAND Flash entered the 3D era, 3D NAND has changed from simply improving the process technology to stacking multiple layers, successfully solving the problem of reduced performance while increasing capacity of planar NAND, and achieving all-round improvements in capacity, speed, energy efficiency and reliability.

Recently, FORESEE XP2200 series PCIe SSD launched M.2 2280 specifications, the product is equipped withMainstream 232-layer 3D TLC flash memory particlesand based on12nm process 4-channel high-performance main control chipsupports HMB host cache technology and can provide up to2400MT/s I/O rate, further releasing product potential.The main control chip used in the product reduces the number of read and write channels by half, thusSignificantly reduces power consumption by 25% and reduces heat generationmaking the product's overallPower consumption as low as 4Wwhich can effectively extend the battery life of smart terminals.

With advanced particle and process technology, the XP2200 series product capacity can reach2TB (4TB coming soon),Read and write speeds up to 7100MB/s and 6700MB/sclose to the saturation performance of PCIe Gen4×4 lanes.Compared with the previous generation XP2100 series flagship SSD, the read and write performance of the XP2200 has been improved by nearly 40%.

FORESEE XP2200 PCIe SSD (M.2 2280) is mainly used in2 in 1 computers, ultra-thin notebooks, e-sports game consoles, PS5 console expansion disks,, its excellent transmission performance and energy efficiency ratio will become an ideal choice for smart terminals.

Longsys self-developed firmware
All-round strength escort
Intelligent temperature control function

During the operation of the SSD, as the temperature rises, the performance will be greatly reduced.To avoid this situation, FORESEE XP2200 PCIe SSD (M.2 2280) adoptsAdvanced thermal design and materialsand equipped withIntelligent temperature control function(Thermal Throttling), this function canAutomatically adjust workloadsto maintain stable reading and writing speed and reliability.

RAIDProtective function

The product also supports customized powerful RAID functions, allowing users to adjust the SSD configuration according to actual needs.On the one hand, RAID functionality can significantlyImprove read and write speeds and data transfer ratesto meet high-intensity workload requirements; on the other hand, this function canIncrease data redundancyensuring data integrity and reliability.

Secure erase function

The product also provides Secure Erase, an advanced data deletion technology that canCompletely clear all data on SSD, including all data and metadata stored on the device.This function ensures that the data isWill not be accessed or restored by any unauthorized personcombined with high-intensity key managementSM4 encryption algorithmwhich can ensure the security of user data andComply with relevant regulatory requirements of different countries and regions.

Strict quality process
Reliable from start to finish

FORESEE SSD R&D and testing team has strict screening and admission standards for NAND Flash and controller selection.Before product development, the team will use the professional testing equipment and analytical instruments configured in the reliability laboratory to conduct product testing.Comprehensive chip-level testing of particles, PCB boards, components, etc., to ensure product reliability and yield.In addition, the team will also conduct research on compatibility issues such as various application platforms and operating systems.Dedicated use case design and decomposition,fromSimulation verification from multiple anglesProduct performance in terminal application scenarios to ensure that the product can operate stably in actual applications and meet customer needs.

After multiple rigorous tests, FORESEE XP2200 PCIe SSD (M.2 2280)Full disk writing, startup/hibernation, power consumption and burning, etc.All test links showed excellent performance, all test results reached excellent levels, and all test inspections were successfully passed.At the same time, the product has also achievedCE, EMC, FCC, ROHS, UKCAand other safety and environmental protection certifications, complying with the market access standards of major countries and regions, and providing green, safe and reliable products to global customers.

FORESEE XP2200 PCIe SSD (M.2 2280) will also be availableA larger capacity 4TB version will be launched this year to further expand the storage capacity of this series of products.prepare for the storage applications of new generation PC terminals, efficient productivity tools, and game terminals to meet customers' growing needs for large capacity and high performance.

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