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SanRex DF30AA160 IGBT Module

SanRex DF30AA160 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-08-17
SanRex DF30AA160 IGBT Module
SanRex DF30AA160 IGBT Module
SanRex DF30AA160 IGBT Module
SanRex DF30AA160 IGBT Module

The SanRex DF30AA160 is an influence diode module designed for three-phase full-wave rectification functions. Listed here are the important thing specs and particulars of the module:

Module Kind: Energy Diode Module DF30AA Configuration: Designed for three-phase full-wave rectification with six diodes linked in a three-phase bridge configuration. Output Present: The module can deal with a DC output present of 30 Amps (Tc=117°C). Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage: The module’s diodes assist a repetitive peak reverse voltage of as much as 1,600V. Junction Temperature: The utmost junction temperature (TjMax) is 150°C. Remoted Mounting Base: The mounting base of the module is electrically remoted from the semiconductor components, permitting for easy heatsink development. Excessive Reliability: The module options distinctive glass passivation, contributing to its excessive reliability. Simple Meeting: The module may be simply assembled utilizing the #250 terminal tab. Functions: The module is appropriate for AC and DC motor drives, AVR (Automated Voltage Regulators), and switching functions involving three-phase rectification.

Most Rankings:

  • Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (VRRM): 1600V
  • Non-Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (VRSM): 1700V
  • Output Present (D.C.) (Id): Three-phase, full wave, TC=117°C, 30A
  • Surge Ahead Present (IFSM): 1 cycle, 50/60HZ, peak worth, non-repetitive, 270/300A
  • Junction Temperature (Tj): -40 to +150°C
  • Storage Temperature (Tstg): -40 to +125°C
  • Isolation Breakdown Voltage (R.M.S.) (VISO): Most important Terminal to case, 1 minute, 2500V


  • Beneficial Mounting Torque: 2.5-3.9 (25-40) N·m
  • Beneficial Mounting Torque (with Washer): 4.7 (48) N·m

Mass Weight: The everyday mass weight of the module is 90g.

The SanRex DF30AA160 module is designed to supply dependable and environment friendly rectification for three-phase functions, with its remoted mounting base and sturdy development.