SanRex TSR100AA60 IGBT Module

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SanRex TSR100AA60 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-08-08
SanRex TSR100AA60 IGBT Module

The SanRex TSR100AA60 is an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module designed for full-wave AC management purposes. It may be used for each ON/OFF perform and part management operations in varied purposes, together with copiers, microwave ovens, motor management, gentle management, heater management, and solid-state switching. Listed here are some key particulars in regards to the TSR100AA60 IGBT module:

  1. Specs and Options:
    • Producer: Sanrex-Sansha Electrical Manufacturing
    • Product Collection: TSR Collection
    • Bundle Kind: TO-240AA
    • Most Voltage Ranking (Vdrm/Vrrm): 600 V
    • Most RMS Present (It(rms)): 100 A
    • Most Surge Present (Itsm): 1,200 A
    • I2T @ 60Hz: 6,000 A^2s
    • Gate Set off Present (Igt): 50 mA
    • Gate Set off Voltage (Vgt): 3 V
    • Junction Temperature: 257 °F
    • RoHS Compliant: Sure
    • Web Weight: 0.375 lbs
  2. Purposes: The TSR100AA60 IGBT module is appropriate for varied purposes, together with:
    • Heater management
    • Motor management
    • Gentle management
    • Strong-state switching
  3. Overview: The TSR100AA60 is a part of the TSR Collection Triacs, that are designed for AC management purposes. They characteristic glass-passivated junctions and excessive surge present capabilities. These triacs are generally used for part management operations and on/off features.