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Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module

Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2023-07-29
Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module
Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module
Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module
Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module
Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 IGBT Module

The Semikron Skiip 25AC12T4V25 is an IGBT module designed for high-power and high-voltage purposes. It options Trench 4 IGBTs and strong soft-switching freewheeling diodes in Managed Axial Lifetime (CAL) expertise. The module is provided with extremely dependable spring contacts for electrical connections and is UL acknowledged with File no. E63532. Under are the important thing options, typical purposes, remarks, and most rankings of the Skiip 25AC12T4V25 module:


  • Trench 4 IGBTs: The module makes use of Trench 4 IGBT expertise, which is designed to enhance effectivity and efficiency in high-power switching purposes.
  • Strong and Comfortable Switching Freewheeling Diodes in CAL Expertise: The module incorporates freewheeling diodes with Managed Axial Lifetime expertise, offering environment friendly and dependable operation throughout switching.
  • Extremely Dependable Spring Contacts: The module makes use of spring contacts for electrical connections, guaranteeing safe and dependable connections between the module and exterior parts.
  • UL Acknowledged: The module has obtained UL recognition with File no. E63532, indicating compliance with security requirements.

Typical Functions:

  • Inverter as much as 26 kVA: The module is appropriate to be used in inverters with energy rankings as much as 26 kilovolt-amperes.
  • Typical Motor Energy 15 kW: It could actually deal with motor drives with a typical energy ranking of 15 kilowatts.


  • VcEsat, VF = Chip Stage Worth: This be aware signifies that the desired VcEsat and VF values are chip stage values.
  • Case Temperature Restricted to Tc = 125°C Max. (for baseplateless modules Tc = Ts): The utmost case temperature is proscribed to 125°C for this module (or Ts for baseplateless modules).
  • Product Reliability Outcomes Legitimate for T ≤ 150°C (Recomm. High: -40 to +150°C): The product reliability outcomes are legitimate for temperatures as much as 150°C, with the advisable working temperature vary being -40 to +150°C.
  • Dynamic Check Outcomes: Varied dynamic check outcomes are offered for particular circumstances, together with voltage, present, and switching occasions.

Most Rankings (at a case temperature of 25°C until in any other case specified):

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vces): 1200V
  • Gate-Emitter Voltage (VGES): ±20V
  • Collector Present (Ic nom): 50A (nominal present ranking)
  • Collector Present (Icp): 150A (most peak present ranking)
  • Collector Energy Dissipation (Laptop): 710W (most energy dissipation)
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCES): 2500V (most voltage ranking)
  • Working Junction Temperature (Tj): +150°C (most temperature allowed on the junction throughout operation)
  • Storage Temperature (Tstg): -40 to +125°C (temperature vary for storage)
  • Mounting M5 Screw Torque: 2.0~2.5N·m (advisable torque for mounting screws)
  • Weight: Typical worth 50g (the module’s typical weight)

The Skiip 25AC12T4V25 module is appropriate for varied high-power purposes similar to motor drives, industrial gear, and energy electronics. As with every energy semiconductor system, it's important to make use of the module inside its specified rankings and working circumstances to make sure dependable and secure operation.