Semikron SKKD 46/12 IGBT Module

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Semikron SKKD 46/12 IGBT Module

Posted Date: 2024-01-24

Semikron SKKD 46/12  IGBT Module

Semikron SKKD 46/12 IGBT Module – A Comprehensive Guide

Explore the features and specifications of the Semikron SKKD 46/12 IGBT module, a high-performance diode with a semiconductor structure in a double series. Manufactured by Semikron, this module is designed for various applications, ensuring reliability and efficiency.

Key Specifications:

  • Type: Diode
  • Semiconductor Structure: Double Series
  • Max. Off-state Voltage: 1.2kV
  • Load Current: 45A
  • Case: SEMIPACK1
  • Version: A10
  • Max. Forward Voltage: 1.95V
  • Max. Forward Impulse Current: 600A
  • Mounting: Screw
  • Electrical Mounting: Screw
  • Max. Load Current: 90A

Additional Information:

  • Gross Weight: 92.767 g
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SKKD 46/12

This Semikron diode, with its impressive specifications (46A, 1200V), is ideal for various applications. The SEMIPACK1 case and A10 version further enhance its versatility. With a max load current of 90A, it ensures reliable performance in diverse electrical setups.

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