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Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display

Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display

Posted Date: 2023-07-30
Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display
Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display
Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display
Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display
Sharp LM64C15P LCD Display

The knowledge offered describes the specs of the Sharp LM64C15P LCD Show:

  1. Model: Sharp
  2. Mannequin: LM64C15P
  3. Diagonal Measurement: 9.4 inches – This means the scale of the show diagonally from one nook to a different.
  4. Kind: CSTN-LCD, LCM – CSTN stands for Shade Tremendous-Twist Nematic, which is a kind of LCD expertise.
  5. Pixel Format: 640(RGB)×480 [VGA] – The decision of the show, with 640 pixels within the horizontal course and 480 pixels within the vertical course.
  6. Configuration: RGB Vertical Stripe – The association of subpixels on the show.
  7. Energetic Space: 192(H)×144(V) mm – The portion of the show the place the pixels are lively and may show photos.
  8. Define Dimensions: 243.5(H)×179.9(V) mm – The bodily dimensions of the show together with its body.
  9. Bezel Space: 195(H)×147(V) mm – The world of the show’s body surrounding the lively space.
  10. Luminance: 80 cd/m² (Typ.) – The brightness of the show, measured in candelas per sq. meter.
  11. Distinction Ratio: 18:1 (Typ.) (TM) – The ratio of the brightness of the brightest coloration to the darkest coloration.
  12. Response Time: 210/90 (Typ.)(Tr/Td) – The time it takes for a pixel to vary from one coloration to a different, usually measured in milliseconds (ms).
  13. Viewing Angle: 30/30/15/25 (Typ.)(CR≥5) [Left / Right / Up / Down] – The viewing angles in levels for left, proper, up, and down instructions with a distinction ratio better than or equal to five.
  14. Working Mode: STN (Tremendous-Twist Nematic), Usually Black, Transmissive – STN is a kind of LCD expertise that gives good viewing angles however slower response instances in comparison with different LCD varieties.
  15. Assist Shade: Shade – The show helps full-color photos.
  16. Gentle Supply: CCFL [1 pcs], W/O Driver – The backlight sort used for the show is CCFL (Chilly Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), and it has one gentle supply with out a devoted driver.
  17. Weight: 490g (Typ.) – The approximate weight of the show.
  18. Designed For: Industrial – The supposed use of the show is for industrial purposes.
  19. Contact Panel: With out – This show doesn't have a built-in contact panel characteristic.
  20. Interface Kind: Parallel Information (8-bit) 31 pins Connector – The kind of interface used to attach the show to a tool, using parallel knowledge with an 8-bit knowledge bus and a 31-pin connector.
  21. Energy Provide: 5.0V (Typ.) – The everyday voltage required to energy the show.
  22. Setting: Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C; Storage Temperature: -25 ~ 60 °C – The advisable temperature vary for working and storing the show.