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Sharp LQ10D344 LCD Display

Sharp LQ10D344 LCD Display

Posted Date: 2023-07-24
Sharp LQ10D344 LCD Display
Sharp LQ10D344 LCD Display
Sharp LQ10D344 LCD Display

Model: Sharp
Mannequin P/N: LM64P89L
Diagonal Measurement: 10.4 inch
Panel Sort: FSTN-LCD (Movie Compensated Tremendous Twisted Nematic), LCM (Liquid Crystal Module)
Decision: 640x480pixels(VGA)
Pixel Format: Rectangle
Lively Space: 211.17(W)×158.37(H) mm
Bezel Opening: 223.0(W)×169.0(H) mm
Define Measurement: 268(W)×190(H)×D mm (particular D dimension not supplied)
Therapy: Not specified
Luminance: 75 cd/m² (Typical)
Distinction Ratio: 18 : 1 (Typical) (TM)
Viewing Angle: 25/25/20/10 (Typical) (CR > 4) Left / Proper / Up / Down
Response: 200/150 ms (Typical) (Tr/Td)
Good View at Work Mode: STN (Tremendous Twisted Nematic), Black/White (Constructive), Transmissive
IPS Household:
AAS (Superior Tremendous Viewing Angle)
ADS (Superior Show Normal)
AHVA (Superior Hyper-Viewing Angle)
FFS (Fringe Discipline Switching)
HIS (Horizontal to IPS)
IPS (In-Aircraft Switching)
New Mode2
PLS (Aircraft-to-Line Switching)
SFT (Tremendous Nice TFT)

VA Household:
ASV (Superior Tremendous View)
FSA (Movie-compensated Tremendous Twisted Nematic)
HVA (Excessive-Efficiency Vertical Alignment)
MVA (Multi-Area Vertical Alignment)
PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment)
SVA (Tremendous Vertical Alignment)
UV²A (Extremely-Violet induced Multi-Area Vertical Alignment)
VA (Vertical Alignment)
Shade Depth: Monochrome (single coloration, black/white)
Backlight: 1 piece CCFL (Chilly Cathode Fluorescent Lamp), 25K hours, No Driver
Mass: 340g (Typical)
Used for: Industrial functions
Refresh Price:
120Hz (60Hz Enter): Embedded MEMC Circuit
120Hz+120Hz: 120Hz Panel + 120Hz Backlight
240Hz (60Hz Enter): Embedded MEMC Circuit
Touchscreen: With out touchscreen performance
Sign Sort: Parallel Information (1ch, 4-bit), 15 pins Connector
Voltage Provide: 5.0V (Typical)
Max. Scores:
Storage Temperature:-25°C~60°C
Working Temperature:0°C~45°C
The LCD module is meant to be used in industrial settings and provides monochrome show, which implies it may possibly show photographs in single coloration, sometimes black and white.