Single-phase EMI filters for DIN rail can be used in DC applications

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Single-phase EMI filters for DIN rail can be used in DC applications

Posted Date: 2024-01-26

TDK Corporation has expanded its portfolio of single-phase EMC filters with the B84742A*R725 series. These components serve AC and DC applications up to 250V and rated currents from 6A to 30A. This indicates they can be used for increasingly popular DC infrastructure in the industrial and building sectors. Offered in five versions, the 97mm x 60mm x 34.5mm (L x W x H) small single-phase filters, weighing no more than 310g, can be snapped quickly and conveniently onto the TH35 DIN rail, also known as a top-hat rail. The conductors are attached with M4 screws, and the screw connection is equipped with touch protection.

Specifically, the insertion loss of the filters is very high: Depending on the model, this is 40dB for common mode and over 80dB for differential mode noise at frequencies between 70kHz and 10MHz. At the same time, leakage currents are very low at less than 2mA, which prevents unintentional tripping of RCDs. All types of this product family are UL-approved and specified for a rated temperature of up to 55C.

For short periods, the EMC filters can handle higher currents; 150% of the rated current is allowed for three minutes per hour and even 250% for 30 seconds per hour. This is especially useful in drive applications when starting electric motors. Other typical use areas include power supplies, industrial electronics, ICT, and AC and DC applications.

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