‘Smallest SIP reed relays with 5kV capability’

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‘Smallest SIP reed relays with 5kV capability’

Posted Date: 2024-02-02

Pickering 104 5kV reed relay

Inside is a single-pole normally-open contact (‘1 Form A’).

Footprint is 6.22 x 24.1mm, and the relays stand 8.1mm tall above the PCB.

“This is particularly advantageous where a compact design is essential, as the devices can stack at just 6.35mm,” said Pickering relay specialist Kevin Mallett. “Despite its size, the relay maintains reliable performance.”

That said, according to the data sheet: “When working with high voltages, the recommended space between pins is 2mm per 1kV stand-off voltage. For example, the 5kV version of the 104 should have a gap of 10mm between the pins [of different relays].”

Max contact ratings are 1kV, 25W and 1.5A, and life expectancy can be more than 108 operations.

At higher voltages, far less current can be switched. For example, expected life can be 107 switching 1.25kV 1mA (1.25W), 106 at 8mA 1.25kV (10W), or 5×105 switching 2mA 1.5kV (3W).

Maximum bounce time is 1ms and the contacts release in 300μs.


The part numbers are of the form: 104-1-A-x/5D, where the 5 indicates that this Pickering’s ‘Switch No. 5’ sub-set of 104 relays, which happens to be the 5kV stand-off types. They come in the ‘Package Type 6’ (see diagram) which has a wider contact pin-out spacing than some other 104 relays. Package Type 2, with the coil pins spaced further apart, is a special-order option.

‘x’ in the part number is replaced with 5, 12 or 24 depending on what coil voltage is required. These have 220, 500 and 3,000Ω coils respectively.

5kV types are available with or without an integrated diode across the coil – the ‘D’ suffix indicates diode inclusive parts.

Operation is over -20 to +85°C, or there is an option for -40 to +125°C operation in 104HT… variants, which have higher current coils (125, 500 or 2,500Ω). Custom versions are available up to +150°C.

The company sees these 5kV reed relays being used in mixed-signal semiconductor and electronics testers, cable testing and instrumentation

Pickering Electronics was formed over 50 years ago. It is based in Essex UK.

This data sheet covers the 5kV 104 relays among others

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