STMicroelectronics super-junction MOSFET MDmesh reaches the 10 billion milestone

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STMicroelectronics super-junction MOSFET MDmesh reaches the 10 billion milestone

Posted Date: 2024-01-12

Recently, STMicroelectronics’ power products have reached a new milestone. Its cumulative shipments of MDmesh superjunction MOSFETs have reached 10 billion units. This series of products is designed to improve the efficiency of power supplies and motors and is widely used in industries such as automobiles, base station power supplies, and new energy. have been widely used.

Filippo Di Giovanni, strategic marketing manager of ST's ADG division, said that it has been in the power transistor business for nearly 40 years, but when it started producing MDmesh, it never thought that shipments would reach 10 billion. "In the late 1990s, mainstream MOSFET technology had reached its limit. The only way to reduce losses and improve efficiency was to increase the area, but this was not feasible. The concept of superjunction came into play, and trench technology could achieve higher efficiency in low-voltage MOSFETs and IGBTs. High currents and voltages handle higher efficiencies, but there is still a lot of work to be done to make it applicable to high-voltage MOSFETs. Superjunction structures are constantly being improved, with different materials, technologies and designs to optimize performance. The efforts are paying off , we successfully developed MDmesh, which has lower on-resistance and higher switching speed than previous superjunctions."

Maurizio Giudice, manager of ST ADG's high-voltage business unit, said that 10 billion units proves the performance and reliability of the product, and also proves ST's determination to continuously pursue the limits of silicon MOSFETs. "The key factor that makes me most proud is that MDmesh MOSFET provides important support for sustainable development, with high efficiency, lowering energy costs and reducing emissions. As an IDM, ST can fully control the entire process from design to production, research and developing in-house processes to achieve the highest performance high-power switching devices on the market."

For technical description of STMicroelectronics’ superjunction MOSFET, please refer to the following articles:

The last revolution involving high-voltage (ie, above 200 V) silicon power transistors occurred at the turn of the century with the advent of superjunction MOSFETs. Until the late 1990s, designers had to accept the "axiom" that for planar transistors, the figure of merit (FOM is defined as the on-resistance times the chip area) is proportional to the breakdown voltage (BV). This axiom means that the only solution to achieve lower on-resistance values ​​at a given voltage is to increase the chip area. This makes it increasingly difficult to use devices in small form factor packages. Superjunction technology makes the above relationship closer to linear, thus saving high-voltage MOSFETs. ST named the technology MDmesh and made it part of the STPOWER sub-brand.

The principle of super transistor

The working mechanism of superjunction transistors utilizes one of Maxwell's equations, which is simplified for one dimension - for example, the vertical axis y. It states that the slope of the electric field along this axis is equal to the charge density r divided by the dielectric constant e. Represented by the symbol dE/dy = r/e. Another equation relates the voltage V to the component of the electric field E along y; that is, E =

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