Strategic Cooperation | IAR fully supports Yuntu automotive grade MCU

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Strategic Cooperation | IAR fully supports Yuntu automotive grade MCU

Posted Date: 2024-01-30

IAR embedded development solutions now fully support Yuntu Semiconductor YTM32 series MCUs, and work with partners to help develop high-end innovative applications

Shanghai, China – 2024Year1moon26day IAR, the global leader in embedded development software and services, and Jiangsu Yuntu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuntu Semiconductor"), a well-known domestic automotive chip company, jointly announced that the two companies have reached a strategic cooperation and the latest release of IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm Version 9.50 has fully supported Yuntu Semiconductor’s automotive-grade YTM32 series MCUs. The two parties will jointly support the innovative research and development of developers in the Chinese automotive industry.

Yuntu Semiconductor is an integrated circuit design company focusing on high-performance automotive controller chips. By establishing a complete automotive integrated circuit design and verification platform, and strictly following the development process systems and technical specifications such as AEC-Q100, ISO-26262 functional safety and ISO-21343 information security, Yuntu quickly launched a number of innovative products with independent knowledge to the market. A proprietary 32-bit automotive-grade high-performance controller chip. At present, Yuntu Semiconductor has achieved a complete product matrix of "universal MCU + dedicated SoC", which has fully covered 90% of the applications in the five major fields of body domain, cockpit domain, chassis domain, power domain and autonomous driving domain. Among them, YTM32B1L and YTM32B1M are two general products. The MCU product series has shipped millions of units and has been awarded more than 300 automotive project appointments.

IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm is not only IAR's flagship product, but also an embedded software development solution favored by millions of developers around the world. This powerful tool suite stands out for its excellent code optimization capabilities, which not only maximize the performance potential of the selected MCU, but also ensure high performance of the application. In addition to providing flexible code and data breakpoints, runtime stack analysis, call stack visualization, code coverage analysis and many other powerful debugging functions, it can also be used with IAR hardware emulator I-jet to achieve unlimited Flash breakpoints. In addition, the tool suite perfectly integrates the static code analysis tool IAR C-STAT, which supports MISRA, CWE and CERT coding standards, and the dynamic code analysis tool IAR C-RUN, which can detect arithmetic errors, array access out-of-bounds and other issues. These functions help developers detect potential problems early and improve code quality in daily development. What’s even more exciting is that IAR also provides a functional safety version certified by TÜV SÜD, which complies with ten functional safety certification standards such as ISO 26262, which can help developers quickly promote the development and certification of functional safety products and improve the security of embedded systems. Reliability provides solid support.

Geng Xiaoxiang, CEO of Yuntu Semiconductor, said: "We are very happy to reach a cooperation with IAR. To fully utilize the performance of Yuntu YTM32 series, we need a tool chain with rich functions such as IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm. This cooperation will provide an excellent platform for Yuntu Semiconductor product development. Great support, we will continue to cooperate with IAR on more newly launched chips in the future."

Kiyo Uemura, Vice President of IAR Asia Pacific, said: "Yuntu Semiconductor is a leading domestic automotive-grade MCU company. We are very happy to cooperate with Yuntu Semiconductor. IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm will continue to provide flexible and complete solutions to help customers Fully tap the potential of the Yuntu series MCUs. IAR has always valued cooperation with ecological partners, and we look forward to working with Yuntu Semiconductor to jointly lead the innovation and future development of the automotive industry."

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