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Supercapacitor banks for energy storage

Supercapacitor banks for energy storage

Posted Date: 2023-08-17
Supercapacitor banks for energy storage

“SCM Sequence supercapacitor modules are rated for working temperatures from -40°C to +65°C and lifetimes that reach to thousands and thousands of cycles,” in keeping with the corporate. “They're additionally lead-free appropriate, RoHS compliant, and compliant with the UL 810A normal for electrochemical capacitors.”

Initially there are 5 variations:

  • 16V 58F SCMA63K586SPPB2 – 5mA max leakage, 15mΩ ESR, 226.2 x 48.6mm plastic case, terminal screws.
  • 160V 5.8F SCMA63S586SPPB2 – 25mA max leakage, 150mΩ ESR, 364.5 x 234mm plastic case, terminal screws
  • 16V 500F SCMZ1EK507STAB2 6mA max leakage, 2.5mΩ ESR, 418 x 68mm aluminium case, four-pin connector
  • 48V 165F SCMZ1EP1F6STAB2, 6mA max leakage, 5.22mΩ ESR, 418 x 194mm aluminium case, four-pin connector
  • 48V 83F SCMZ85P836STAB2, 3mA max leakage , 9mΩ ESR, 418 x 194mm aluminium case, four-pin connector

All capacitances are +30%, -10%.

Choosing the 16V 58F SCMA63K586SPPB2 for instance, most working present is 21.1A at 15°C, though peak as much as 249A may be dealt with. Capability is 2.07Wh and it weighs 680g.

Lifetime if cycled from rated voltage to half voltage and again is 500,000 cycles at +25°C – to a 30% or much less capacitance loss.

IEC 60068-2-27, 29 / IEC 60068-2-6 vibration resistance is claimed to the identical capacitance change.

Energetic cell balancing is supported, mentioned the corporate.

Functions are foreseen with batteries or alone in uninterruptable energy provides, micro-grid storage, wind turbine pitch management, vitality harvesting and regenerative vitality seize.

Discover the 16V 58F SCMA63K586SPPB2 information sheet right here

The identical week, Rutronik introduced supercapacitor banks optimised for prime energy supply from Eaton.

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