TDK helped the 2023 iCAN College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to achieve a complete success

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TDK helped the 2023 iCAN College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to achieve a complete success

Posted Date: 2024-01-17

In 2023, TDK will assist the iCAN College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as a new component partner, and provide free electronic component products to participating teams, achieving the perfect combination of creativity and technology for the competition. After fierce competition, the competition has come to a successful conclusion, and TDK has also made outstanding contributions to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among Chinese college students.

The iCAN competition is an event with no fixed restrictions and encourages original innovation. The competition adheres to the spirit of "confidence, persistence, and dreams" to discover and cultivate a group of outstanding young talents in innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities with potential and potential, and to stimulate the vitality of innovation. Advocate scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, serve society, improve human life, and promote the development of high-tech industries. This spirit and concept are similar to TDK's business philosophy of "ideal, courage, and trust" and its corporate purpose of "giving back to culture and industry with rich creativity."

At the iCAN competition finals, TDK also displayed its latest electronic component products, technological innovations and corporate concepts to contestants from all over the country through its corporate booth. Let students better understand and appreciate TDK's products and technologies. At the same time, it also laid a solid foundation for TDK to carry out talent recruitment activities in colleges and universities, attracting more ambitious and talented young people to join TDK.

At the award ceremony of the iCAN competition finals, TDK's corporate representatives, with full blessings and expectations, issued honorary certificates to the second prize winners of the iCAN competition innovation track. At this moment, the connection between TDK and young innovators was once again strengthened, fully demonstrating TDK's emphasis on and support for young talents.

In addition, in this year's cooperation, TDK provided four TDK electronic component products such as Hall switches, inertial measurement equipment (6-axis MEMS motion sensors), PiezoHaptTM actuators, and PiezoListenTM piezoelectric speakers to iCAN participating teams for free. Many students actively applied for TDK's electronic component products, learned professional knowledge, and successfully applied it in their own entries.

It is worth mentioning that in order to commend students who are active in creation and innovation, TDK has also set up TDK exclusive awards to provide winners with special learning funds and TDK exclusive award certificates to encourage students to achieve greater heights in future study and exploration. One floor. After strict screening and review, TDK selected outstanding and creative entries among many entries that used TDK products. The work "LuminEyes Clear Vision Watch" won the first prize, "Flexible Sensing Stoke" and other works won the second prize, and "Smart Transportation" and other works won the third prize. These outstanding works demonstrated the creativity and technical level of the students.

TDK was founded in 1935 with the purpose of industrializing the world's first magnetic material "ferrite" invented by Tokyo Institute of Technology. Now, TDK has more than 250 factories, R&D and sales locations in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and the group has more than 103,000 employees. Among them, TDK has nearly 70 locations in China, and the number of employees in China accounts for about 55% of the total number of employees. Since its development, TDK has gradually become a group enterprise with unique technology and culture, possessing all kinds of information, technology, talents and assets. TDK hopes to create a personalized enterprise integration (TDK United) by combining these resources effectively, efficiently and timely to enhance competitiveness. Looking into the future, TDK will continue to take advantage of its diverse talents to create products and technologies that can contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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