The difference and usage of microcontroller external interrupt and timer interrupt

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The difference and usage of microcontroller external interrupt and timer interrupt

Posted Date: 2024-01-28

There are obvious differences in trigger sources, application scenarios and functional characteristics between microcontroller external interrupts and timer interrupts.. details as follows:

  1. trigger source:

External interrupts are caused by external signals. For example, when the level received by the external interrupt pin changes, an interrupt is generated.

The timer interrupt is generated internally by the microcontroller. It generates interrupts periodically according to the set time interval and is usually used for timing detection or control tasks.

  1. Application scenarios:

External interrupts are usually used to respond to external emergencies, such as off-hook phone, abnormal power supply, etc. These events require the microcontroller to respond immediately.

Timer interrupts are more used for internal detection of the microcontroller system, such as flag bit detection, specified pin voltage data detection, etc. It can enable the microcontroller to perform specific tasks at fixed time intervals.

  1. Features:

The characteristic of external interrupts is that they can respond quickly to external events. Its triggering method is usually edge triggering or level triggering, which allows the microcontroller to process external input signals in a timely manner.

The timer interrupt is a self-management mechanism within the microcontroller. It can be set to automatically trigger after a certain period of time to perform scheduled checks or update operations.

In general, external interrupts and timer interrupts are important parts of the microcontroller interrupt system, and they each have different trigger conditions and application scenarios. In actual use, the appropriate interrupt type should be selected based on specific application requirements, and related hardware and software resources should be reasonably configured.

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