The implementation of large AI models is accelerating! Western Digital helps intelligent upgrade of data centers

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The implementation of large AI models is accelerating! Western Digital helps intelligent upgrade of data centers

Posted Date: 2024-01-31
(Electronic Enthusiast Network Report/Zhang Ying) A craze for large AI models has swept across many industries. At the recent CES2024, AI PC was “unparalleled” in the limelight, and many new products with powerful performance, efficient computing power, and large models were unveiled; generative AI technology is also rapidly entering the fields of automotive smart cockpits and smart driving. IDC's research shows that the development of generative AI is advancing at an exponential rate. As of the end of November 2023, more than 300 large models have been released in the Chinese market. Industry users are also actively exploring and creating application scenarios for generative AI and developing digital products. and services, explore the value of data elements, and explore digital business models.

Facing the development and popularization of large AI models, as a global data storage solution provider, how does Western Digital view the arrival of this wave? What challenges does the development of generative AI technology bring to existing infrastructure deployment? What new development opportunities and requirements does it bring to storage products? What representative products has Western Digital launched to help meet customer needs? This article will focus on revealing the secrets.

AIGC poses two major challenges to memory: memory bandwidth and dynamic response

The development of artificial intelligence cannot be separated from the support of big data. IDC predicts that from 2022 to 2026, the global artificial intelligence market will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 18.6%, reaching a market size of US$900 billion in 2026. At the same time, IDC data shows that by 2025, the total amount of data generated globally will increase from 33ZB in 2018 to 175ZB. Gartner also predicts that by 2025, AI content generation will account for 10% of data volume.

Academician Mao Junfa, President of Shenzhen University, mentioned in his report at the 2023 National Virtual and Real Integration Interaction Conference at the end of July last year that on average in recent decades, the peak computing power of processors has increased by 3.1 times every two years, while the bandwidth of dynamic memory Growth is 1.4 times every two years, and the development speed of memory lags far behind that of processors, with a difference of 1.7 times.

In the future, value mining of unstructured data generated by advanced digital applications represented by AIGC that is mainly stored, used infrequently and has less obvious value will also become a key issue in enterprises. Efficient and reliable storage and analysis of massive unstructured data will become an important consideration for enterprise data governance.

Western Digital pointed out that the current storage architecture of AI application scenarios is still based on hierarchical storage and separation of storage and computing. The entire data storage architecture must simultaneously meet the diverse requirements of capacity, performance, cost and energy consumption, and be matched with diverse Products build data storage infrastructure. In response to the current rapidly growing AI cloud computing market, Western Digital has been actively collaborating with multiple industry partners to understand their needs for digital transformation and related infrastructure construction, and provide customized solutions. "

Western Digital launches customized solutions: new products support the implementation of AI applications

According to Gartner, 80% of global enterprises will use generative AI in their business by 2026, a sharp increase from less than 5% in 2023. Microsoft and other companies will expand generative AI services. Considering the strong demand, large semiconductor companies will increase production.

Relying on market insights and understanding of customer needs, combined with advanced technological advantages, Western Digital provides a rich product portfolio from cloud data centers, automobiles, to IoT and other fields. In response to the needs of AI servers and data centers, Western Digital fully integrates its accumulated professional technical capabilities and cooperation experience in various industries to provide customized solutions for the storage needs of AI application fields.

In the field of Flash, Western Digital's enterprise-class SSD has three core technical advantages, namely integrating fully independent NAND Flash, advanced SSD controller and high-performance firmware. This vertical integration capability enables SSD to achieve performance and stability The ultimate optimization of performance ensures stable I/O consistency during the SSD life cycle. Western Digital successfully joined hands with Kioxia to launch the eighth-generation 218-layer 3D flash memory in 2023, achieving a major leap in performance, density and cost-effectiveness.

At the product level, Western Digital also provides enterprise-level SSD products for different needs, including SN840, SN650, and SN655, to meet a variety of application needs.

Western Digital Ultrastar DC SN655 NVMe SSD

In the field of HDD, Western Digital relies on innovative OptiNAND technology, energy-assisted magnetic recording (ePMR), third-order tracking positioning system (TSA), helium packaging (HelioSeal) and new UltraSMR technology to better help cloud service customers Reduce storage total cost of ownership (TCO) to continuously and rapidly expand your business. At the same time, due to its unique advantages in areal density technology, Western Digital can better help customers obtain lower power consumption per TB capacity and help data center customers improve PUE (power usage efficiency).

At the product level, Western Digital can provide Ultrastar DC HC580 CMR HDDs with capacities up to 24TB and Ultrastar DC HC680 SMR HDDs with capacities up to 28TB, which are specially designed for data center customers pursuing larger storage capacities by further expanding their advantages in areal density technology. , helping customers reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and realize data value.

Western Digital Utrastar DC HC580 24TB CMR HDD

Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC680 28TB SMR HDD

According to IDC statistics, China's data production volume reached 7.6ZB in 2018, and the United States' data production volume reached 6.9ZB. By 2025, China's data production volume is expected to reach 48.6ZB, and the United States' forecast is 30.6ZB. China's data scale far exceeds that of the United States, becoming the world's largest. A data powerhouse. As large AI models are applied in many fields in China, ultra-large-scale cloud and cloud service providers have more urgent needs for new storage.

The 28TB Ultrastar DC HC680 SMR HDD launched by Western Digital provides higher storage density for hyperscale clouds, cloud service providers and enterprise customers. More and more customers are adding SMR to their data center development path, optimizing the stack to take advantage of SMR technology. Based on this, they can continue to maintain an advantage in terms of speed to market by adopting larger-capacity HDD products currently on the market and expanding product portfolio deployment with lower power consumption.

Western Digital said that since sampling in August 2023, 28TB SMR HDD is rapidly entering the market, which will further enhance Western Digital's position and development momentum in the SMR HDD market. In the first quarter of the company's fiscal year 2024, Western Digital's total 26TB SMR HDD shipments will reach nearly 50% of its total data center product shipments.

Western Digital is pleased to develop more value in its reliable HDD platform and technology innovation to provide customers with the larger capacity HDD storage and lower total cost of ownership they need. It has also verified the Ultrastar HC680 HDD with some hyperscale clouds, cloud service providers and OEM customers.

From Western Digital's perspective, the development of storage technology is inseparable from every user who applies and creates data. Western Digital will continue to listen to the voice of the market and user feedback, and will continue to innovate and jointly develop products and services that meet future storage needs. solution.

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