The importance of applying safety capacitors in power electronic equipment (Part 2)

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The importance of applying safety capacitors in power electronic equipment (Part 2)

Posted Date: 2024-02-06

Last week we explained to you the advantages and classification of safety capacitors. Today we will continue to discuss in depth how to choose appropriate safety capacitors.

Choosing Safety Capacitors - Ceramic or Thin Film?

Multilayer ceramic1 capacitors (MLCC) and plastic film capacitors are two common types of safety capacitors. Both types have advantages depending on the specific application. The following characteristics need to be considered when making a specific selection:

. temperature range
. size restrictions
.Rated voltage
. Capacitance value
. Certification standards (such as Class X for wire-to-wire applications and Class Y for wire-to-ground applications)


Film capacitor

Film capacitors generally achieve higher capacitance values. It is also self-healing and can recover from dielectric breakdown with only a small loss in capacitance value. However, relative to its capacitance, its volume is also larger.

Multilayer ceramic capacitor

Compared with film capacitors, within a certain capacitance range, multilayer ceramic capacitors can achieve a smaller size for the same capacitance. They are generally more suitable for low power applications. For example, MLCCs are ideal for space-sensitive applications such as antenna coupling. They also have special terminations to accommodate automotive electronics applications such as on-board chargers, inverters, DC/DC converters and other equipment in electric vehicles.

MLCCs perform well in high temperature, high pressure and high frequency applications. In addition, MLCC3 manufactured by Knowles Capacitors (KPD) 2 also offers FlexiCap™ flexible termination options. FlexiCap™ is Knowles Capacitor's (KPD) proprietary flexible epoxy polymer tip material. It is applied to the nickel protective layer of the component to provide greater circuit board bending than traditional capacitors, thereby reducing the risk of mechanical cracking. .



Knowles Capacitors (KPD) provides you with the safety capacitors required for your application

If you need professional advice on safety capacitor applications, Knowles Capacitors (KPD) is your ideal choice. Our latest enhanced version of the AEC-Q200 series safety capacitors complies with international UL/cUL and IEC/EN specifications and can replace the film capacitors required in applications with surface-mount MLCCs.

The advantages of our safety-certified MLCC series include:

.Y2 level can withstand voltage 250Vac
. Class X1 and X2 can withstand voltage 305Vac
. All series have safety-certified DC voltage levels (unique in the industry)
. The entire series has passed humidity robustness level IIIB certification (unique in the industry)

In addition, with many years of expertise in manufacturing high-voltage capacitors, we can achieve the highest capacitance in the industry for a given package.

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