The layout of car charging solutions based on silicon carbide technology is accelerating!Adopted by 4 companies including GAC

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The layout of car charging solutions based on silicon carbide technology is accelerating!Adopted by 4 companies including GAC

Posted Date: 2024-01-30

From 2024 onwards, includingGAC GroupFour companies including 4 companies have launched products based on silicon carbide technology.Car charging solutionmeaning that silicon carbide is expected to achieve large-scale application in the field of charging infrastructure:

GAC Youpai:V2XTwo-way charging pileuseSilicon carbide technologycharging efficiency can reach 97%.

Nyobolt : Developed the integrationSiC devicesofDC charging equipmentcharging efficiency can reach 99%.

Jicheng Technology: Silicon carbide high-power charging system has been built,Shunfa charging pileWon new energy awards.

Flex:jointSTMicroelectronicsroll outSiC power supplyConversion solutions, including DC/DC converters and on-board chargers.

GAC Youpai:

Launch of SiC bidirectional charging pile

January 11,GAC GroupunderYoupai EnergyAppeared at the "GAC Green Intelligent Car Home and Super Charging and Swapping Center Opening" event and shared Upai Energy's business layout and new scenarios.

According to reports, Upai Energy, as the new entity of GAC Group’s energy sector, has now created a smart car and home energy solution, integrating Upai’s latest technology to connect car/home/light/storage/charging/network and other terminals. in,V2X two-way charging pileAdoptedSilicon carbide technologythe charging efficiency can reach97%realizing car-network interaction and car-home interaction.

At the press conference, GAC Group also releasedHaopin Super Charging and Swapping Center. According to on-site measurements, the total battery replacement time is controlled within 2 minutes.At present, Haopin has provided services to supermarkets across the country.150 seatsThe city has built over a thousand super charging and battery swapping centers.

"Experts say three and a half generations" statistics show that GAC currently has 2 SiC models——Aian Hyper SSR, Aian Haopin GTthe drive motor systems of both models use silicon carbide technology.


Development of SiC DC charger

Recently, British battery technology company Nyoboltannounced that they have successfully developed a non-vehicle DC charging device——EVSEthe device integratesSiC power transistorthe charging efficiency is as high as99%.

According to reports, the EVSE DC charger is a 800 V Prototype module, configured for throughput up to 30 kW; the charger can connect multiple units in parallel to increase power in 30 kW increments; when the charging station and connector reach 300-400 kW, 35kW in 6 minutes ·h battery pack is fully charged.

Jicheng Technology:

Building a SiC charging system

January 6,Suzhou Jicheng TechnologyCo., Ltd.'s charging brandShunfa charging pileWon the 9th Golden Oll Award.It is worth mentioning that the “Shunfa” brand has laid outSilicon carbide charging technology.

According to reports, Jicheng Technology was founded in 2010 and has three factories in Shandong, Suzhou and Shenzhen, specializing in the production of car charging piles. It has now formed aSix series: Silicon carbide high-power charging system, national standard DC pile charging system, national standard AC pile charging system, European standard AC pile charging system, intelligent flexible group charging system, two-way video intercom guidance charging pile system.

The "Shunfa" brand is Jicheng Technology's own brand. Since its establishment in 2014, it has served many service units and its market share has been rising.


Demonstrate SiC power conversion solutions

January 9,FlexAt CES withSTMicroelectronicsjointly demonstrated for EVIntegrated electronicssource conversionsolution, the high-voltage combination unit of the solution includes a DC/DC converter and an on-board charger, using STMicroelectronics’SiC MOSFET Improve power supply efficiency.

According to reports, Flex’s high-voltage combination unit adoptsCharge and convertBidirectional design supports vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-grid functions, as well as high-voltage pre-charging to extend the life of critical battery components; in addition, the high power density and high efficiency characteristics of SiC devices enable automakers to maximize Improve car performance and mileage.

Review Editor: Liu Qing
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