Two major associations gather six major industries to create the “Sound, Light, and Video Display Universe Expo”

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Two major associations gather six major industries to create the “Sound, Light, and Video Display Universe Expo”

Posted Date: 2024-02-02

The Central Economic Work Conference on December 11, 2023 pointed out that we must persist in deepening supply-side structural reforms and focus on expanding effective demand to coordinate efforts, give full play to the advantages of ultra-large markets and strong production capabilities, and establish the domestic cycle as the main driving force of domestic demand. On the basis of improving the quality and level of international circulation.

In order to help build a unified national market, accelerate the cultivation of new foreign trade momentum, promote technological innovation and industrial innovation, improve the resilience and safety level of the industrial chain and supply chain, stimulate potential consumption, and expand effective investment, the China Electronic Video Industry Association (CVIA), The two major national first-level associations of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association take the lead in guiding, LED CHINA, UDE International Semiconductor Display Expo and International Audio and Video Smart Integration Exhibition (Shenzhen) join hands with the six major industries of sound, light, video, information, display and Yuanverse The business partners cooperated with each other and gave full play to their complementary advantages to build an international trade platform with a full ecological and full industrial chain at Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center from February 26th to 28th.

1. What trends does the "Sound, Light, and Video Universe Expo" reveal in the first show of the year?

One yuan reveals all things, and the concept of "Metaverse" is once again popular, empowering all major application scenarios in an all-round way. Major industries such as commerce, entertainment, cultural tourism, and education are following the Metaverse, starting a new and future wave of industrial transformation. Where will the wind of the Metaverse blow in 2024? This exhibition will be built into a "sound, light, and video manifest universe expo" to guide you.

The "UDE2024 5th International Semiconductor Display Expo" focusing on large displays and advanced technologies, the "MES2024 International Metaverse Expo" focusing on virtual reality and metaverse application scenarios, the "21st Shenzhen International Expo" focusing on LED "LED Exhibition", the "2024 International Audio and Video Smart Integration Exhibition (Shenzhen)" focusing on audio-visual system integration, and the "2024 Asia Professional Lighting and Audio Exhibition" focusing on lighting and audio, multiple exhibitions in one, ranging from commercial displays to life entertainment , vehicle display, cultural museum tourism, stage venues, film and television shooting, smart education and other fields to display the application scenarios of the Yuanverse, integrating to create the "Audio-Light and Video Display Yuanverse Expo".

The exhibition scope of this "Sound and Light Video Display Universe Expo" includes interactive display, display screen, stage lighting, media control, display control, mobile media, video projection and display, VR simulation scene system, AR augmented reality, e-sports entertainment, Metaverse, wireless communications, audio processing, sound systems and acoustics, cables, connectors and signal management, intelligent conferencing and collaboration, content creation and control systems, digital cinema, digital signage, energy management, educational technology and other sectors, cutting-edge technology and The brand-new products are stunningly unveiled, and we can explore the development direction of the sound and light video display universe at the beginning of the new year.

Of particular note is the Mini LED mass production line area, Mini LED display modules, Micro LED/OLED display modules, AR/VR, virtual photography, naked-eye 3D, virtual application scenarios and other new applications that will all be unveiled.

2. Effectively expand domestic and foreign demand, and fully internationalize the "sound, light, and video display universe"

At present, strengthening international cooperation and global layout is an inevitable trend in the development of the electronic information industry. According to customs statistics, in 2023, my country's foreign trade business entities with import and export records exceeded 600,000 for the first time.

my country is truly the world's largest audio-visual video display manufacturing base and cutting-edge consumer market. The Greater Bay Area is also the commercial display industry cluster with the most complete industrial chain in my country and the gathering of leading companies. It is also the innovation highland of the global ultra-high-definition video industry. It is fully capable and well-positioned to host world-class, highly market-oriented "acoustic and optical video display" projects. Metaverse Expo”.

In July 2023, the "Audio and Video Display Ecological Industry Event" jointly presented by UDE International Semiconductor Display Expo, LED CHINA and International Audio and Video Integration Exhibition (Shenzhen) received results of 30,000+ visitors in three days, from 89 countries and Buyers from the region and nearly 500 brands gathered in Shenzhen, and the trade order turnover of the exhibition exceeded 60%, injecting stronger power into trade cooperation and industrial development.

Over the years, overseas buyer resources have been accumulated. It is reported that overseas buyers from 95 countries and regions have registered for the UDE2024 International Semiconductor Display Expo. It is expected that more than 100 countries will go deep into the economic hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to explore more business opportunities before the exhibition, providing a sound and optical video Injecting new vitality into the entire industry chain and market.

3. Open up the acousto-optical video display industry chain and let Chinese enterprises speak out to the world

China Electronics and Video Industry Association (CVIA) and China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association (CETA), two major national first-level associations, take the lead in guiding the three parties, UDE, LED China, and Audio and Video Exhibition, to create the "Audio and Video Display Universe Expo" and join hands to Business partners from the six major industries of , light, video, information, display and Yuanshi, based in the Greater Bay Area, continue to convene Chinese companies to speak out to the world. This event is bound to be an event worth looking forward to in the beginning of 2024. Visitors will definitely witness the epitome of China’s sound and light video display universe industry in Shenzhen from February 26th to 28th.

From the perspective of key exhibitors, BOE, Leyard, Thunderbird, Dapeng, Chenxian, Qianli Jucai, Qingsong, Dongshan Precision, Dafeng, Tongfang, Times Stage, MediaTek, HDMI, Hongjing Microelectronics, Guochuang Ke, Alfa Optoelectronics, Shicai, Haituo, Xineng, Dexin, Mengtuo, Nuen Technology, Nova Nebula, Zhida Starry Sky, Yi Zhao Optoelectronics, Ansi Intelligent Manufacturing, Wanfuda, Simeda, Hongxi Technology, Yuanyi Universe, Jiageng Innovation Laboratory, Jiechuang, Yunwan Technology, Phantom Future, Haijia, Baco, Lelink Display, New Asia Win, Dreampai, Mosier, Desai, Guojia, Tailong Intelligent Display, Jingang Vision, Leiyi, Xinguangtai, Grayscale, Marui, Quande Video, Weishi, Hanrui, Xinyiguang, Guide, WeCo, Wanguo, Xinlike, Chuangyi, Hao Cai, Dacai Video, Tonghua Intelligent, Yingbao, Baochen, Deping, Hongjie, Ruichen, Caihongyuan, Xiaojin, Zhongxingbang, Huihuanghong, Aibixin, Maias, Changpingwei, Youshi Enterprises from the entire industry chain of the audio-visual display universe such as German and American Innovation, Xunxu, MEAN WELL, Android, Chenliang and ROOTS participated in this event, covering Mini/Micro LED, module packaging, upstream key equipment and materials, Chip, VR/AR/MR industry chain, digital human virtual human, metaverse scene application, Web3.0, LED display, digital signage, audio and video system integration, LED lighting and advertising signs, control system and other full technology application routes and Full ecological chain.

Representatives of companies in the entire industry chain of the sound, light, and video display industry will also jointly offer more than 10 free professional forums during the exhibition. Visitors can learn from benchmark companies and innovators in the industry. The organizer will provide a showcase platform for start-ups and universities, and connect them with venture capital and government agencies.

Adhering to the concept of opening up the entire ecological industrial chain of the acousto-optic and video display universe, UDE International Semiconductor Display Expo, LED CHINA and the International Audio and Video Integration Exhibition have been committed to creating a "concentrated map of China's acousto-optic and video display universe industry" to help the acousto-optic and video display universe. The universe industry chain develops collaboratively, working together with enterprises to improve the cyclical fluctuations of the industry, promote the industry to achieve high-quality development, and build a cross-border innovation platform for the entire industry, provide one-stop procurement services, create new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and manufacture New growth point!

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