UnionPay power IC U6210 leads a new era of smart security

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UnionPay power IC U6210 leads a new era of smart security

Posted Date: 2024-01-20

UnionPay power IC U6210 leads a new era of smart security

A safe and smart life is inseparable from home security. With the rapid development of smart technology, the functions and performance of surveillance cameras are also constantly improving. Different types of smart cameras are on the market and have become important products in the field of home security. The addition of Shenzhen UnionPay Security Monitoring Power IC will undoubtedly give customers more confidence in the safety and reliability of smart security. Let’s walk into Shenzhen UnionPay Technology 12W security monitoring power supply IC U6210 today!

Power IC U6210 is a high-performance primary-side controller that provides high-precision constant voltage and constant current output performance, especially suitable for low-power offline charger applications. In the constant voltage output mode, U6210 adopts a multi-mode working method, that is, the combination of amplitude modulation control (AM) and frequency modulation control (FM), which improves the efficiency and reliability of the system. In the constant current output mode, the chip uses frequency modulation control and integrates constant current compensation for line voltage and load voltage. Using U6210 can work without abnormal noise and ensure excellent dynamic performance. Using the integrated line loss compensation function, high-performance constant voltage output performance can be obtained.

In the primary-side control technology, when the primary side transmits energy to the secondary side, the output voltage feedback signal is obtained by sampling the auxiliary winding voltage coupled with the secondary winding. Internal CV voltage sampling timing and key waveforms of power IC U6210. As the secondary side current freewheels to zero, there is a process of decreasing the conduction voltage drop VF of the secondary side freewheeling diode. In order to obtain highly accurate output voltage information through the auxiliary winding, the constant voltage sampling module in the chip shields the voltage oscillation at the turn-off moment due to leakage inductance.

When the constant voltage sampling process ends, the internal sample and hold module records the feedback error and amplifies it through the internal error operational amplifier. The primary-side constant voltage control module uses the output of the error operational amplifier to achieve high-precision constant voltage output. The internal constant voltage output reference of the chip is high-precision 2V. During the constant voltage sampling process, there is a variable current source inside U6210 flowing out from the FB pin for line loss compensation, which will generate a voltage step on the FB waveform.


Before the chip starts working, the power IC U6210 only consumes a typical starting current of 2uA. The ultra-low starting current can help increase the resistance of the starting resistor to reduce the current flowing through the starting resistor from the DC bus and the standby power consumption. When the VDD voltage exceeds the turn-on voltage (typical value 16.3V), U6210 starts to work and the chip operating current rises to 1mA (typical value). After that, the VDD capacitor continues to power the chip until the output voltage is established and the auxiliary winding supplies power to the chip. Once the chip enters ultra-low frequency operating mode, the operating current of U6210 is further reduced to 0.5mA (typical value) to help reduce system standby power consumption.

In this information-based and networked era, electronic security monitoring will be an important tool for us, helping us build a safer and smarter society. UnionPay's various security monitoring power ICs provide stable and reliable support for power management of electronic equipment, improving the overall security effect.

Review Editor: Liu Qing

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