What are the requirements for halogen-free lead-free high temperature solder paste?

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What are the requirements for halogen-free lead-free high temperature solder paste?

Posted Date: 2024-01-17

As we all know,Halogen-free solder pasteIt is a halogen-free, lead-free and cleaning-free solder paste specially designed for SMT. Products must pass SGS international standard certification before they can be put into use in the production workshop. At present, the European Union has relevant regulations that most electronic products must be halogen-free. Many companies choose lead-free and environmentally friendly products when selecting products, and some have stricter halogen requirements. Below, Jiajinyuan solder paste manufacturer will explain it to you:

Halogen Free (HF) is actually a requirement for banning related halides in countries with strict environmental awareness. The content of halogen (F, Cl, Br, I) is required to be less than 900ppm respectively, and the total is less than 1500ppm. Exceeding this value is considered incompatible. In fact, halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) can be used to increase the ignition point when added to polymer products such as plastics. The advantage is that the ignition point is higher than ordinary polymer materials, and the ignition point is about 300°C. When burning, halogenated gases (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, etc.) will be emitted, quickly absorbing oxygen, thereby extinguishing the fire. However, its disadvantage is that when the concentration of chlorine released is high, the visibility is reduced and the escape route cannot be identified. At the same time, chlorine is highly toxic and affects the human respiratory system. In addition, when the halogen gas released by the combustion of halogen-containing polymers combines with water vapor, it will generate corrosive and harmful gases (hydrogen halide), causing corrosion to some equipment and buildings. In fact, excessive halogen content is harmful to some products and even to the human body.

The halogen-free lead-free high-temperature solder paste produced by Jiajinyuan solder paste manufacturer all meets the halogen-free standard. Some models even reach 0 halogen, and also comply with the requirements of the environmental protection RoHS2.0 directive. The advantages of LFP-JJY1KR-0307T4 halogen-free lead-free high-temperature solder paste produced by our company are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. LFP-JJY5RR-0307T4 (Pb

2. It has good release performance during printing, excellent drying resistance and good thixotropic performance. It can be applied to the printing of general pitch ≧0.3mm pads and the mounting of fine pitch, QFN and BGA devices.

3. Resistant to high temperatures of 300 degrees without yellowing, with little and transparent residue after welding, non-corrosive, and extremely high surface insulation resistance. It can achieve excellent ICT test performance without cleaning. Halogen is within the halogen-free limit of 900ppm. Within.

4. During continuous printing, the viscosity changes little, ensuring the stability of the printing effect for long-term operations.

5. This product has excellent thixotropic performance, and its shape remains intact after printing and is not easy to collapse, thus preventing chip components from shifting.

6. After welding, the solder joints are bright, with excellent electrical conductivity, and the gold-plated sheet and QFN have high tin-climbing fullness.

7. Fewer tin beads are produced during welding, reducing the occurrence of short circuits.

Jiajinyuan solder paste manufacturer produces a variety of tin solder products, including lead-free solder paste, halogen-free solder paste, silver-containing leaded solder paste, syringe solder paste, nickel-plated environmentally friendly tin wire, tin bars, etc. We can provide technology Support, if you have any needs or technical questions about soldering, please leave a message online to interact with us!

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