What is a hybrid satellite communications network?

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What is a hybrid satellite communications network?

Posted Date: 2024-02-02

In the satellite communication network, according to the number of times it passes through the satellite transponder, the satellite communication network can be divided into two structures: single-hop and double-hop.

For a star network, each remote earth station can directly communicate with the central station for voice and data through a single-hop link. However, remote earth stations generally communicate indirectly through the central station, so the signal will undergo Two hop delay.

Characteristics of hybrid satellite communication networks

Hybrid satellite communication networks have the following characteristics:

1. Wide-area coverage: Hybrid satellite communication networks can provide wide-area coverage, including global, continental, and any designated area communication services.

2. High speed and low latency: Integrating satellites in different orbits, the hybrid satellite communication network can achieve high-speed data transmission and relatively low signal delay, meeting real-time communication and high bandwidth requirements.

3. Stable and reliable: With the help of satellites in different orbits working together, hybrid satellite communication networks have higher reliability. Even if one satellite fails or is unavailable, other satellites can continue to provide communication services, reducing the risk of service interruption.

4. Diversified applications: Hybrid satellite communication networks can meet diverse communication needs. It can support a variety of applications such as radio and television transmission, Internet access, mobile communications, and navigation systems, providing customized communication services for different industries and users.

5. Flexible configuration: The hybrid satellite communication network can flexibly configure satellite resources according to actual needs. According to changes in communication needs, the number, location and orbit type of satellites can be adjusted to achieve optimal communication performance and resource utilization efficiency.

If the star network structure is combined with the mesh network structure, and the single-hop network structure is combined with the double-hop network structure, a hybrid network structure is formed, as shown in the figure below. In this kind of network, the main station is responsible for the network channel allocation, network monitoring, management and control, but the communication is not connected through the main station, so it can provide data and voice services between the main station and the remote earth station. Provide data and record voice services between remote earth stations. In terms of network structure, the voice channel is a mesh network and the control channel is a star network, so it is a very attractive network structure.

▲Hybrid network structure

For a satellite communication system, when considering its connection to the terrestrial communication network, the earth station acts like a ground relay station. Due to reasons such as radio wave propagation and electromagnetic interference, large and medium-sized earth stations are generally set up in suburbs far away from cities, while satellite communication services and public call centers are concentrated in urban areas. Therefore, satellite communication lines must be connected to long-distance communication networks and local telephone networks through ground lines to form a complete communication network. During the communication process, the telephone signal of a user of the terrestrial network must be connected to the earth station through the switches and transmission equipment of the local local telephone network, long-distance telephone network, and then be forwarded by the satellite to the earth station in another city, and then enter the public network through the ground line. , and finally reaches another user, thus completing the transmission of information. If it is a television signal, it must be transmitted to a television transmitter.

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