What is a USB connector? Why are the fixed pins of USB connectors different?

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What is a USB connector? Why are the fixed pins of USB connectors different?

Posted Date: 2024-01-28

What is a USB connector?

The USB connector is a universal serial bus interface used to standardize the connection and communication between computers and external devices.

USB connector, also known as Universal Serial Bus connector, is a serial bus standard for connecting computer systems and external devices. It provides a simple and convenient way of interconnection and data communication between devices.

USB connectors come in many types or physical specifications, such as the common Type A, Type B, and Micro USB, which can be used in different applications.

What does a USB connector do?

The main functions of USB connectors include data transmission, device charging and video output.

The design of the USB connector allows users to plug it in directly when working on the computer without complicated operations, which greatly improves user convenience. In addition, since USB devices are usually small and easy to carry, they are ideal for users who need to carry large amounts of data with them.

Why are the USB connector fixed pins different?

On the surface, USB connectors have male connectors without curling edges, and most female connectors have curling edges. However, in order to save space, some machines also have curling edges. For the female base, the difference between curled edge and non-curled edge is:

First, there is no curling edge to save space and to match the beauty of the shell panel.

Second, it has curled edges to facilitate male and female insertion.

Third, there is a crimped edge that can be grounded with the iron shell of the outer shell, allowing for closer contact.

USB connector functional properties

1. Grip

There are some differences compared to other older connectors, USB keeps peripherals and cables in place through clamping force from the socket. There are no thumb turns, screws or clamps to keep it in place.

2. Durability

USB uses an improved design that makes it stronger and more durable than previous connectors.

3. Service life

Standard USB products can currently withstand 1,500 repeated plugging and unplugging cycles.

4. Protection performance

A closer look at the USB connector reveals that an adjacent plastic tongue and an additional enclosed metal plate protect the entire connection assembly and provide additional protection for the USB.

5. Length limit

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