What is synesthesia and integration?Application scenarios of integrated synesthesia calculation

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What is synesthesia and integration?Application scenarios of integrated synesthesia calculation

Posted Date: 2024-01-20

01 What is synesthesia and integration?

Communication and sensing - two seemingly cross-border fields, actually have a lot in common: both require the use of radio spectrum resources. All require the use of hardware equipment, such as antennas, amplifiers, filters, etc. All require similar information processing, such as encoding, modulation, demodulation, decoding, etc.

When it comes to communication, what we most easily think of is that through base stations and mobile phones sending and receiving wireless signals to each other, we can surf the Internet, make phone calls, check Weibo, and be closely connected with the world. The so-called perception, as the name suggests, is to detect the status of the surrounding environment through certain means, such as position, direction, height, speed, distance, etc. It can also judge the shape of objects and even human gestures. This has to make people think of radar. The basic principle of radar is to emit radio signals and then perform high-precision sensing by detecting and analyzing the received reflected signals. The current communication system has a complex network architecture and a large scale of hardware support. Can an intelligent fusion system that can both communicate and sense be realized with the support of computing power? Can base stations and radars have an in-depth cooperation? Synaesthetic computing integration is this new information processing model, which closely combines the three fields of communication, perception and computing power:

Dynamic data is transmitted in real time through efficient communication networks.

Sensing devices process data in real time.

Intelligent computing systems perform data analysis and decision-making.

The integration of synesthesia and calculation also means the transformation and upgrading of thinking.

The focus of communication is the reliable transmission of information. The fusion of perception can take into account the research on the content and purpose of the transmitted information. The addition of computing power makes the control, execution and other aspects more intelligent. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the integration of synesthesia and computing is a comprehensive field that takes into account IT information technology, OT field control technology, CT communication technology, and DT data technology. However, realizing a change in the way of thinking requires the joint efforts of experts and engineers in communication, control, data and other fields to break through disciplinary boundaries and carry out extensive integrated innovative design.

02 Advantages of synesthesia integration

Communication integrated sensing: equip wireless networks with new sensing capabilities, open up new space for wireless value, and build future wireless standard cross-generation technologies. The communication network is also a sensing network, sensing the city, sensing the world, and sensing everything.

Perceptual computing power-assisted communication: Use perception and computing power assistance to comprehensively improve communication capabilities, reduce time-frequency resource overhead, enhance the real-time and robustness of the network, and achieve ultimate performance.

Realize mutual collaboration and resource sharing between multiple functions, and pursue the distribution of information perception, the adaptability of intelligent control, and the coordination of the overall system.

Save costs, improve efficiency, generate stronger synergy effects, and create new application scenarios.

Superimpose sensing capabilities on the basis of 5G communication networks, expand 5G business boundaries and application scenarios, and enhance network value.

03 Integrated application of synesthesia calculation

Synesthesia computing integration can be widely used in smart homes, smart cities, smart transportation, medical health and other aspects. Document Manager has collected some typical application scenarios for everyone. smart home Synesthesia integration uses base stations or Wi-Fi routers to provide richer functions for smart home systems.

In the smart home system, electrical appliances can be controlled by switching between different postures, and a message will be sent out when a child or the elderly falls, or a security alarm will be triggered when a thief enters the room.

Behavior monitoring can also be performed for physical health management, behavioral habit analysis, etc.

For example, through refined monitoring and recognition of gait, we can determine which family member it is. We can also further analyze the proportion of time each family member spends watching computers, watching TV, sleeping, walking and other activities, the activity range and sleep quality, etc.

Smart transportation

Vehicle and pedestrian perception in the smart Internet of Vehicles includes vehicle intrusion detection, pedestrian intrusion detection, autonomous driving, etc.

Utilizing the high site and wide coverage characteristics of communication base stations, it can sense lane flow and vehicle speed information in real time and in a wide range, while detecting pedestrian or animal road intrusion, effectively implementing road supervision, ensuring traffic safety and improving traffic efficiency.

Smart City

Low-altitude security: UAV perception in smart low-altitude scenarios, including UAV intrusion detection, UAV path management, UAV emergency obstacle avoidance, etc.

In order to prevent leaks, collisions, noise and other problems caused by drone intrusion, multiple base stations in low-altitude security areas need to be deployed with instant radars, combined with the computing resources within the base stations, to quickly build a low-altitude security system. As long as the base station signal can Once reached, the intruding drone can be located and tracked in real time, which can be used as a reference for the next decision-making of the security system.

In turn, based on the imaging, map construction and environment reconstruction capabilities provided by the integration of synaesthesia, the system can turn passive into active, sending drones to conduct reconnaissance, logistics delivery and other activities, and can use multi-station sensing capabilities to perform tasks in unknown locations. Perform automatic navigation and path planning in the environment.

Smart medical

The communication-aware integrated system can not only achieve high-speed communication, but also effectively implement health monitoring and management.

The existing technology has realized the use of communication signals to monitor the human body's respiration and heartbeat. When abnormalities in breathing and heart rate are found, early warning information is sent back to the user in real time through the communication link to achieve real-time monitoring.

Terahertz imaging and spectroscopy also enrich future prospects in healthcare. Terahertz can detect cancerous tissue and dental caries, as well as monitor sweat, tears, saliva, peripheral blood and tissue fluid. In the future, the synaesthesia integrated system based on terahertz can monitor health status anytime and anywhere, making all diseases unavoidable. shape.

04 Exploration of the integration of synesthesia and calculation

At present, the integration of synesthesia and computing has entered a hot exploration stage. The deep integration of communication and perception has become a new trend in the development and evolution of network technology. Some companies are trying to combine Wi-Fi or 5G signals with AI, not only for communication, but also for realizing Perception.

In August 2022, China Unicom and ZTE completed the industry's first single AUU integrated sensing and computing verification test. The test results showed that the sensing accuracy of low-altitude UAVs reached sub-meter level, and the detection range exceeded 1 km. During the communication and sensing process Good and stable performance.

In May 2023, China Mobile Research Institute, Guangdong Mobile and ZTE took the lead in completing the industry's first "low-frequency synaesthesia integration" low-altitude multi-target sensing technology verification in Shenzhen.

At the same time, the world's first "5G-A synaesthetic integrated low-altitude collaborative network" was successfully piloted in Xiamen. 5G-A (5G-Advanced) integrated synaesthesia technology can realize real-time perception of low-altitude targets and timely transmission of information, providing safe and reliable data reference for government services, and also providing orderly and efficient development and utilization of urban low-altitude resources. new ideas. It has opened up new space for the city's economic growth. While optimizing the operational processes of the traditional logistics industry and improving the efficiency of urban operations, it will also allow more drones, logistics and other companies to use low-altitude resources safely and securely.

In December 2023, China Unicom Research Institute and Nokia Bell combined the evolutionary development trend of optical networks and the powerful digital signal processing capabilities of DSP chips in transmission equipment to complete the first domestic application verification of synaesthesia integrated network based on coherent digital signal processing technology. Improve the security and performance analysis level of optical fiber transmission. In this solution, endogenous optical sensing technology based on DSP demodulation of coherent optical signals, combined with powerful AI/ML algorithms, can enable the optical network to perceive, judge and feedback changes in the external environment, and formulate the maintenance and management of the entire optical network. Closed loop improves the overall security of optical fiber communications and enhances the service capabilities of optical networks.

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