What is the difference between uart and usart? Can usart be used as uart?

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What is the difference between uart and usart? Can usart be used as uart?

Posted Date: 2024-01-19

The difference between uart and usart

UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) and USART (Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) are two serial communication interfaces commonly used for communication between microcontrollers and external devices. Their differences are as follows:

1. Synchronous communication support: USART supports synchronous communication and can perform synchronous transmission through external clock signals, while UART only supports asynchronous communication.

2. Clock signal: USART requires an external clock signal in synchronous mode (for example, an external clock source or using another USART as the master clock source in master/slave mode), while UART does not require an external clock signal and only passes the baud rate. The generator generates the clock.

3. Communication efficiency: Since USART supports synchronous communication, it can provide higher communication rate and is suitable for high-speed communication requirements. Since UART uses asynchronous communication, the communication rate is limited by the setting of the baud rate generator.

4. Data transmission method: UART uses an asynchronous transmission method without clock signal, which is suitable for simple data transmission. USART can use synchronous transmission or asynchronous transmission to support more communication methods.

USART actually contains the functionality of UART and adds the ability to support synchronous communication. In most microcontrollers, the UART is usually part of the USART functionality, and the USART can be configured in UART mode for asynchronous communication.

Therefore, if you only need simple asynchronous communication, you can use UART. If you need to support synchronous communication or higher communication rates, you can choose to use USART. Which interface to use depends on your application needs and the requirements of the external device.

Can usart be used as uart?

Yes, USART can be used as UART. USART is a universal serial communication interface that can be used in asynchronous transmission mode and has the same functions and usage as UART.

USART can be configured into several communication methods in UART mode, including setting the baud rate, data bits, stop bits, check bits, etc. Simply configure the USART in asynchronous mode and set the appropriate parameters to use it as a UART.

The benefit of using USART as UART is that it has greater flexibility and functionality. For example, USART supports synchronous mode communication, which can achieve higher communication rates. If the simple asynchronous communication of UART meets the needs, the USART can also be directly configured to be used in UART mode.

When using USART as UART, pay attention to correctly configuring USART parameters and clock settings to ensure normal and compatible communication with external devices.

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