What is the function of the power output 12V and 5V?

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What is the function of the power output 12V and 5V?

Posted Date: 2024-01-20

The power outputs 12V and 5V have different purposes and are usually used to power different electronic devices or circuits.

12V output: usually used to power equipment that requires higher voltage, such as some motors, fans, lighting equipment, automotive electronic equipment, etc. Some industrial equipment, communication equipment, computer motherboards, etc. may also require 12V power supply.

5V output: usually used to power devices that require lower voltage, such as most digital electronic devices, including microcontrollers, microcontrollers, sensors, mobile devices, USB devices, etc. The 5V power supply is also the standard voltage of the USB interface.

Therefore, the power supply output 12V and 5V can meet the voltage requirements of different electronic devices so that these devices can work properly. When designing a power system, it is very important to select the appropriate output voltage according to the power requirements of different devices.

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