Working principle of junction field effect transistor

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Working principle of junction field effect transistor

Posted Date: 2024-01-30

In order for the N-channel junction field effect transistor to work normally, a negative voltage (i.e. u
uThe working principle of the tube is explained below through the influence of the gate-source voltage uc and the drain-source voltage uD on the conductive channel, n. 1. When a=0V (that is, d and s are short-circuited), u.ucs controls the conductive channel. When u=0V and u=0V, the depletion layer is very narrow and the conductive channel is very wide, as shown in Figure 1.4 .3(a) shown

When |u| increases, the depletion layer widens and the channel narrows[见图(b)所示], the channel resistance increases.When |u increases to a certain value, the depletion layer closes and communication disappears[见图(c)所示]the communication resistance tends to infinity, and the value of u. at this time is called the pinch-off voltage Uc

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