Working principle of moving target display radar

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Working principle of moving target display radar

Posted Date: 2024-01-25

This lecture mainly discusses the basic principles of moving target display. Starting from the basic concept of moving target display radar, the purpose and basic characteristics of moving target display technology are discussed. Starting from the basic block diagram of a typical moving target display radar, its working principle is analyzed, and the method of obtaining coherent oscillation voltage and cancellation are discussed. Operating characteristics of the equipment.

Expert profile

Qu Wei, male, Han nationality, born in January 1979, Ph.D. in Engineering, associate professor in the Department of Electronics and Optical Engineering, University of Aerospace Engineering. A member of the expert group of the Department of Aerospace Systems, he has long been engaged in scientific research and teaching related to radar signals and information processing in the field of early warning. Undertaken more than 20 national, provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, published more than 50 papers, won 1 second-class provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress award, 3 third-class awards, and 1 first-class provincial and ministerial-level teaching achievement award; authorized national He has 8 invention patents, 5 software copyrights, and has been awarded third-class merit three times. In 2019, he was commended by the Ministry of Aerospace Systems as the most beautiful astronaut among the “Civilian Emerging Talents.”

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